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Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of June 10, 2012

A Pit Bull
Headline of a Different Kind

Three cheers for Bandit, a 6-year old pit bull mix at
Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, CA for his extraordinary achievement. He is the first shelter
dog to enroll in and pass their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class. He proved he has good
manners, he can greet strangers in a friendly manner, can walk on a loose leash
and through a crowd, and he can stay.

Bandit is currently available for adoption at the Center for
in Burlingame.Once he is adopted,
his new family will be able to contact the AKC, send in his CGC paperwork and
make is certification official.

Neighborhood Pit
Bull Day in Salt Lake

Best Friends Society hosted a Neighborhood Pit Bull Day on
Saturday, June 15th to show that pit bulls can be loving pets. This
event comes on the heels of an attack of a Salt Lake City police officer by a
pit bull named Gotti. Gotti is now on death row due to the fact that it is his
second offense. Best Friends Society wants to help Gotti and believes his
alleged aggression is because he has not been neutered.

The San Bernadino Sun Sheds Light on a
Worthy Cause

Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue was started by Sarah
Kosinski-Cope in 2009 when she found an emaciated pit bull roaming the streets
of Perris, CA with cigarettes burns on her head. She was nervous about bringing
the dog home because her mother believed pit bulls were not safe or
trustworthy. The dog, eventually named Pandora, won over her mother and
inspired Kosinski-Cope to start Change of Heart. She figured if her mother could
get over her misconceptions, so could others in the community.

Change of Heart is dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted
and abused American Pit Bull Terriers and their mixes in Riverside, San
Bernardino and Orange counties in California. It focuses on aiding those who
have been in shelters the longest, may not be easily adopted or are suffering
from illness. As of today, they have placed 50 dogs in homes.

Kosinski-Cope faces an uphill battle of trying to change public
opinion of pit bulls, but she is up for the challenge of educating the public,
dispelling myths and providing personal training. If anyone can make a
difference, it is her.  

Pit Bull Ban in

Are pit bulls inherently dangerous? Recent court cases in
Maryland say they most certainly are. In fact, Prince George’s County has
banned the ownership of pit bulls.
 New laws make it impossible for anyone who currently owns a
pit bull to find a place to rent, as the landlords of tenants who own pit bulls
will also be liable for any unfavorable events. Defenders of the pit bull name
are afraid that many dogs will be abandoned or turned into pounds and
eventually euthanized.

As we all know, “bad” dogs are the result of irresponsible
owners, but the dogs will always end up to be the ones suffering the


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  1. This is a sad story and it

    This is a sad story and it makes it very hard for the owners like myself who own a pitt/boxer mix and i have a very well manner dog he is 9month old and goes to school at pet smart he is growning so fast but yet so wonderful he wont hurt a flie he loves to kiss and sleep we just got a new kitten mane Mister and 7 loves mister as if it was his puppy the are the best of friends these days i just dont understand how people can just blame eveyone for someone actions itz just not fair.