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Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of July 29, 2012

Superhero Squad of
Pit Bulls

StubbyDog, a
nationwide pit bull advocacy group, is searching for canines for their
StubbyDog Superhero Squad. The elite squad of therapy dogs is tasked with very special goals:
to win hearts and change minds so that people see pit bulls not as a special
category of dog but as individual dogs with warm hearts. The program has three levels
of participation, all that will play important roles in the project. The Elite
Super Squad will be comprised of certified therapy dogs that will visit
hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities and everywhere people need
smiles. The Superheroes in Training will be dogs who have not yet received
therapy dog status and need a bit more experience and training. Super-bassadors
will be a group of ambassadors that will work closely with StubbyDog to improve
their advocacy skills and power. Each level will play a vital role in the
project’s goal to raise community awareness. Click here to apply to be on the
StubbyDog Superhero Squad
. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Aug. 13.

Miami Set to Lift Ban

According to
the Miami Herald, Miami-Dade County
has had a ban on pit bull-type dogs since 1989, yet they remain a part of the
community in both swanky and seedy neighborhoods. In fact, 400 pit bulls and
mixes entered area shelters last year. They are so common that commissioners
overwhelmingly voted to lift the ban on the Aug. 14 ballot, calling for an
intelligent rather than emotional decision. Activists claim the positive
stories about the new lives of the Michael Vick dogs have opened up a
discussion that would have otherwise been nonexistent. People are starting to
work together and re-examine the laws.

Pit Bull Puppy Gets Second Chance

named so after the Olympics, was severely injured after falling from a third
story window about a month ago in Vancouver, Wa. Veterinarians at the Animal
Care Clinic in Vancouver
had to amputate his front legs Wednesday; however, this
is only the beginning of London’s story, thanks to Vancouver’s Panda Paws – a
disabled pet rescue that donated its services. Founder Amanda Giese took the
puppy in and helped him get the care he needs. He is recovering from surgery
and will be fitted with an all-terrain front wheelchair next week. According to
vets, it will take a year for him to fully heal, but he will heal and go on to
live a full life.

Maryland Pit Bull Bill
Scheduled for Special Session

The bill addressing the Maryland court ruling that defines
pit bulls as “inherently dangerous” will be introduced in this month’s special
session in Annapolis, according to lawmakers. Delegate Curt Anderson, a
co-chairman of a task force that has examined the ruling, said Friday that the
bill will place liability for dog bites on their owners and remove liability from
landlords. Critics of the ruling say the bill singles out pit bulls unfairly.


PHOTO CREDIT: Photo courtesy of StubbyDog.org

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