Pit Bull News Highlights - Week of February 18th, 2011

The Brookhaven Animal Shelter is offering $250 for adopting a pit bull, since about 98% of the dogs in the shelter right now are pit bulls.  They are trying to overcome the stigma.

Some cities are feeling the pressure from dog owners to lift their BSLs.  The author is coming from a pro-BSL position and uses the same tired, false arguments (and then brings up some good points, but then comes to a conclusion that rejects the points he himself brought up) , but it is good to know that pressure is finally starting to mount.

Remember the invitation to the Pinups for Pitbulls party?  This is how it went!

A bylaw was passed in Dugald without the ban on pit bulls.  The owners are now to be held more responsible.

A poll says most people agree that owners are responsible for their dog's bad behavior, not nature. 60% said that all dog breeds should be allowed in all communities.  This number is bound to go up as education and awareness continues.


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