Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of June 24, 2012

Pit Bull 101

Albuquerque is leading the way in pit bull advocacy. The Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department hosted ‘Pit Bull 101' on Saturday morning to teach residents about the breed and its traits. Experts helped with training tips, offered adoption counseling, provided free spay or neuter coupons and passed out literature.

Pit Bull Kennel Voted Down

John Ewing, a Muncie, Indiana resident, loves pit bulls. They occupy his time, fund his college tuition and keep him out of trouble, but does that give him the right to call his backyard a kennel? Other Muncie residents say his hobby is a nuisance, citing noise from barking dogs day and night. As a result, the Muncie Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals on Thursday night voted 5-0 to deny Ewing a zoning variance to legalize the kennel, which holds nine dogs.

Pit Bull Puppy out of the Ring but not out of the Woods

According to Cheryl Hanna of Examiner.com, a pit bull puppy now named Normm was found on Friday in the streets of St. Louis. If he survives, he faces a long recovery after suffering injuries as a bait dog. Rescued by Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Normm is in critical condition after having his infected leg amputated on Friday evening by surgeons at Veterinary Specialty Services. Grim is an unsung hero who rescues the "irredeemable" dogs who somehow find themselves in dire circumstances. To stay updated on Normm's condition, check out Stray Rescue's Facebook page

Demonizing Pit Bulls doesn’t make Communities Safer

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, singling out one breed of dog does not help make the community safer. Almost 90 percent of all dog bites are because either the dog is unaltered, or it has been tied up. Let’s make our communities safer by focusing on these factors.

And speaking of dog bites, the National Canine Research Council reported that there were 33 cases of dog-related fatalities in 2011. Of these, only two cases involved pit bulls. Those are the facts, ladies and gentlemen.

**Photo from Missouri Pit Bull Rescue



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