Pit Bull News Highlights – Week of July 8, 2012

Emaciated Pit Bull in Atlanta Finds Foster Home

Earlier this week, Chloe Kupfer rescued an emaciated pit bull she found along a road in Atlanta, Ga. Kupfer took the dog for immediate veterinary care and named him Charlie. He weighed an alarming 34 pounds – half of what he should - but still had a loving attitude and a “wiggly butt.” She sent out a heartfelt plea for help for Charlie. Sweet Charlie could only stay with Kupfer until July 26, but Peace and Paws in New Hampshire has come to his rescue and provided him with a safe, loving home. To check on Charlie's progress, go to Kupfer's Facebook page.  

Task Force Formed to Fight Maryland Law

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland’s highest court held in April that pit bulls and mixed pit bull breeds are different from other dogs in that they are dangerous by nature. This increased the liability of pit bull owners and landlords. The Humane Society of the United States called the court's ruling "unprecedented." Its application does not just change things for animal owners but for landlords and others with assumed power to control the dogs as well, and it is "singling out one particular type of dog." A joint task force on pit bulls is working on a law that would cut the scope of the ruling.

Disabled Vet Keeps Service Dog

About four years ago, Jim Sak, a Vietnam veteran and retired Chicago police officer, suffered a stroke. Snickers, the pit bull he and his wife cared for since he was a puppy, was trained and became Sak’s service dog. As the North County Gazette in the State of New York reported, when the family moved to Aurelia, Iowa, townspeople petitioned that the city council enforce BSL which banned pit bulls from the city. The Sak family sued, as Snickers and his owner are protected under the American Disabilities Act. Recently, the city council voted in favor of Sak, allowing him to keep Snickers and awarding the family $30,000 for violation of his rights.

200 Pit Bulls Can Get $20 Spay or Neuter in Tucson

During the month of August, The Humane Society of Southern Arizona will spay or neuter 200 pit bulls and pit bull mixes for $20.  A free nail trim is also included. The “Primp Your Pit” promotion is part of the Humane Society’s effort to reduce the amount of homeless pets entering shelters every year. Any Pima County pit bull or pit bull mix owner can take advantage of the special rate during the promotion by mentioning "Primp Your Pit" when scheduling an appointment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (520) 881-0321.

**Picture courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

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