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Pit Bull Highlights for the Week of 5/7/2010

It looks like some businesses do listen to customers.  Granted, being a social media game company comes with higher expectations when dealing with feedback from customers. 

Zynga, one of the most successful companies to rocket to stardom on the back of Facebook with games like Farmville and Mafia Wars, has removed the “Pit Bull” as a weapon gamers could use in the mafia game.

We also learn the stupidity of faith in electric fences.  Seriously, these things probably couldn’t keep in determined hamsters, let alone excited dogs.  Vanessa Carlton was bitten on the leg while jogging, after a 9 month old Pit Bull named Bella darted past the “barrier” of the electric fence.  Injuries were minor but broke the skin.

Whoever owned the dog should be taught how to be a more responsible Pit Bull owner.

From Denver, a city that has banned the breed, we get a piece from the Denver Daily about the harm the ban is doing to some people who get help from service animals.  In the case of Allen Grider, his service dog doesn’t even have any pit in him, but is a boxer/lab mix. 

Yet the local animal care division used a false abuse claim to sieze the animal under the Pit Bull law.  Grider went 10 days without his service animal.  Hmmm.  Government abusing authority?  Shocking!

Glen Belcher has a 100% Pit Bull named Sky who helps him with balance and going up and down the stairs.  Sky also is a general therapy dog to help ease his panic attacks and night terrors.

Authorities don’t care.  No service dog license for Sky.

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    I am looking for a female pit not a puppy but not a grown dog..6 months to 1 year. I live in MD. I had 2 pits a male and a female..my female died of cancer and I would like to get another so that my male is not home alone.

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    I found my rescue girl from Petfinder.com. One of the reasons I got her was for a companion for my boy and they are perfect together. Getting a balanced female is the best thing you can do for both you and your male dog. If you don’t find her on Petfinder.com please check with your local animal shelter, humane society, or pit bull rescue. Good luck