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King Kong

We talked about
play time earlier this week, and I thoroughly enjoyed your feedback on
Facebook. Keep it coming! I want to make one final mention on the subject that
I think is possibly the most important of all: interactive toys. This is
especially important for intelligent dogs with a great deal of energy – a description
most of our dogs likely fit. The first interactive toy to hit the streets is
the Kong, or as I like to call it, “King Kong.” The granddaddy. The leader in
this category. I have included a favorite Kong recipe below for you to try out and
share. Let me know what you think!

interactive toy I like is one that dispenses food. We tried a few with Dasher
and used them as the way we fed him every night. He had to work for his food,
which proved to be great fun. That is, until he somehow figured out how to
unscrew the tops and chew on them until the toys met their demise. If you try
these, make sure you supervise the situation so you can lengthen the life of
the toys.  

Have you
tried interactive toys? Let’s hear some stories!

Peanut Butter Glue 

  1. Layer melted peanut butter and dog food in
    the Kong.
  2. Freeze.
  3. Give to your pit and enjoy the magic. 


Author: Matthias

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3 thoughts on “King Kong”

  1. Are you using any specific

    Are you using any specific peanut butter? And I’m assuming your mixing kibble into ? Curious as my boy love pb and I love freezing stuff for him.

  2. Any specific kind of peanut

    Any specific kind of peanut butter? Are you speaking kibble or can food? I’m always looking for freezy recipes but my pibbles is so finicky. I do know he loves pb though.



  3. Capone LOVED his Kong! When

    Capone LOVED his Kong! When we had visitors, he would run to find his Kong and offer it to them. He wanted us to throw it, but we didn’t have a lot of space for him to run in the living room, so we would toss it a few feet…it would bounce around for a few seconds, then he would settle down to chew on it for a while. It was the ONLY toy we found that held up to his powerful pittie jaws, and we always tell new owners of pittie pups to get Kongs for them. Capone crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago following a short illness, and he took his Kong toy, as well as his jar of peanut butter, his blanket, Crunchy Monkey, and the oversized teddy bear he slept with every night. We love you and miss you, Poney!! ♥