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An Introduction to the Mind of a Dog

My name is Bauer.  I’m a Pit Bull Labrador mix and I live a hard life.Bauer the Pit Bull Mix

Whether it’s fighting for room on my couch, or dealing with my annoying little sister wanting my toys, my existence is a constant struggle.

I will have more to say about my sister, an Australian Shepherd mix, later.  But seriously, she’s annoying.  Also, her whole head almost fits in my mouth, and she thinks it’s fun when she tries to get it in there.  Pretty dumb.

One thing is for sure.  I love my humans.  They can be silly sometimes, but I forgive them.

We moved recently from Bowling Green to Louisville.  I used to have a yard with a fence I could run around in, and find sticks, and chew on sticks, and get humans to throw sticks, and break sticks, and lick sticks…Mmmm…sticks.

Now I have to stay on a leash.  I still have all the sticks I could ever want, but it’s just not the same. They promise me a fenced in yard soon.  Until then, all I have are memories.  Which honestly don’t last that long.  Mmmm…sticks.

My female human is having a baby of her own soon.  I’m a little jealous,  but I think the new human and me will be best friends.  I’ll even let him use my couch if he wants.

Also, I like licking ears.

Me trying to lick an ear - Pit Bull Tongue

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Author: Matthias

Hey all! I’m Matthias and I love Pit Bulls (as you probably can guess lol). Until a couple years ago I had Blaze next to me while writing the articles for this blog and he was my inspiration, he still is but - hopefully - from a better life 🙂

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3 thoughts on “An Introduction to the Mind of a Dog”

  1. AHHH Bauer is sooo frigen
    AHHH Bauer is sooo frigen CUTE!!! I can’t help but want to give that cute little cold wet nose a smoochie!! I can’t wait to read what else Bauer is up to!! I hope he gets his fence real soon….
    Love his story! Very sweet! <3 <3 <3

  2. this dog looks like mine and
    this dog looks like mine and was even the same mix.
    i miss my dog, she got hit by a car a year ago.
    best dog everrrr….
    love the story… to cute !

  3. These dogs are incredibly
    These dogs are incredibly Loyal, Lovable & Love to give Kisses!!! 😀