Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor Review

In summary, the good:

  • A good guide for beginners and those wanting to get a quick jump start with clicker training.
  • Easy to read, and the basic are well covered.
  • Comes with a clicker and sample treats.
  • The quick reference cards are very useful. The Bark/Shhh method is valuable.

The not so good:

  • No depth. Doesn't explain concepts thoroughly.
  • No real explanations of shaping or backchaining.  You won't be able to train advanced behaviors.

Given that this is a book for true beginners, the bad can't really be held against it.  Overall, we do recommend it. 

However, for those wanting more than a quick snack, we would encourage you to pick up the advanced Clicker Training guide we reviewed to get a full treatment of operant conditioning and clicker training concepts.

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Seriously, clickers get lost. It's good that it comes with one, but it's never around when you need it. While training, you'll probably need a few stored around the house.