Defending Against an Invader

If you didn't think my life was tough before, you will now. I came out of my crate one day, thinking everything was normal. But walking out in the living room, I discovered an invader!

The Invader

I then proceeded to act brave.  Tail tucked firmly between my legs, I barked, growled, and then ran back into the other room where one of my humans was sitting to let him know that something better be done soon or things would get serious.

But my human was on the computer, and they're like stupid trees when they get like that.  They just sit there.  And don't do anything.  And don't play.  Trees are good for some things, but NOT for playing.  And sometimes they don't even pay attention to my brave barking. 

At that point, I knew it was up to me. So I went back in the living room and the thing still just sitting there!  What a moron!  Just to be sure it saw my teeth, I barked again, and growled, and then ran back into the other room.  Just to see if my human was still okay.  He was.

This was no ordinary intruder.

Barking didn't phase it.  Running away to get my human didn't fix it. So I decided to make a new friend instead.  That seems to work sometimes.

Walking up closer to my future buddy, I let loose a short and quiet growl.  Then I hid behind the coffee table.

When I was sure it was used to me and wouldn't be scared, because I'm pretty scary when I'm brave, I finally got a nice whiff.  And it wasn't so bad.  Kinda bland. But I made sure it knew that I wasn't a threat to it's existence anymore.

Bauer sniffing the vacuumBauer inspecting the vacuum

I still don't trust it completely.  But I'm watching it to make sure it doesn't act up. You're welcome humans.

Bauer Keeping an Eye on the Vacuum 

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The vacuum cleaner is the only thing that can make my Bonnie vicious. She attacks it with a vengeance, so we have to crate her while I do the dreaded chore. I guess she can sense how much I hate it too.

I have 2 babies. My 2 year old boy Gabe is scared of everything. He runs and hides. My 5 month old girl Lil Bit is the one who attacks the broom when I sweep and barks and growls at the lawn mower and vacuum. She is my handful baby who chews on everything. I wont miss this phase. lol They are awesome dogs!!

This story is too cute. The vaccuum doesn't even faze LB, he just goes on sleeping. As long as there is sun in his window he is a happy dog.

Whenever we turn the vacuum on our pup goes nuts, he growls, barks, jumps at it, and bites it. Its the cutest thing! he also does it with the broom & the shovels & rakes. so cute & very funny!

My Peaches, has this thing with the air that comes from the back of my Shop Vac. She tries to eat the air.

Freyja attacks the vaccum cleaner,broom,mop, rake you name it. She gets into play mode there is no stopping her,if I am in a hurry I have to put her in the bedroom and close the door, then she sits and cries until I let her out, then it is off to find her play mate be it the vaccum or mop.

well I don't use chikita is always getting at the shoes chews them off and when you catch her she runs out the door...not forgetting her new toy..or our shoe

That story is adorable! I loved it! My pit, Zeke, acts like a fool whenever I get mine out! So funny.