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Dog Foods with Venison as the #1 Ingredient.

When choosing the best dog food for your pet, any food that has Venison as the primary ingredient is a good way to go. Venison is growing greatly in popularly, as dog owners become more knowledgeable on what type of food is best for their dog. When you chose a dog food that is high in Venison, then your dog is sure to get a lot of protein and not so much cholesterol. One might think that beef is also high in protein and it actually is. In fact, beef has more protein than Venison does, however beef also has more fat and cholesterol than Venison does and that’s what makes Venison a better dog food overall. It helps your dog to have a healthy heart. This is without a doubt the second healthiest type of meat for your dog‘s heart, with fish being number one, of course.

EVO is a good choice for food for your dog. This dog food contains 95% Venison and is absolutely grain free. This is good because it reduces the amount of carbohydrates your dog consumes which allows for the protein to be more concentrated. If that’s not good enough, EVO 95% Venison Dog Food not only has one of the highest protein levels around, when compared to all the other brands worldwide, but it is also has a fair share of poultry as well as fish, which provides your dog with an even greater amount of protein. This brand of dog food also provides high digestibility and fabulous palatability. EVO 95% Venison Dog Food is rich with vitamins, minerals, energy and permit’s healthy skin and coat. With this dog food, your dog is sure to have strong bones as well as muscles.

Another great and highly recommended dog food is Adult Venison Meal & Whole Brown Rice created by Natural Choice. With this dog food, your dog is sure to get a balance and complete nutritional meal. Everything that is needed for your dog to have good health and a strong immune system can be found in this formula. There is no chicken in this product. The Adult Venison Meal & Whole Brown Rice formula is made up of ground yellow corn and highly digestible rice. Also, you can find a lot of linoleum acid which permit’s a healthy coat of fur, healthy skin as well as strong muscles and of course its fair share of Venison. This Natural Choice formula has advanced antioxidants, it promotes fresh breath and clean teeth and your dog is sure to love the taste of it. You can also be sure that your dog will have healthy joints due to the Glucosamine and Chondroitin that is included in the formula. There is no doubt that when given this formula your dog will have a happy, healthy, long life.

Eukanuba is a great dog food that was created in New Zealand. This formula was created with the intension of getting a dog to its healthiest and strongest state. In the New Zealand Venison & Potato formula, you can rest assure the all Natural Venison is the number one ingredient. Along with it, is other vitamins and minerals that assist in making a strong and healthy pet. This product has no meat by products included or corn for that matter. It is made up of Vitamin E, amino acids and it is enriched with potatoes. This allows for easy digestion as well as a healthy source of carbohydrates. Natural prebiotics like FOS are included as well to help to build a strong digestive tract in the dog to fight off any illnesses that may arise. This formula is also proven to reduce tarter build up by approximately 55%.

Another great formula is called Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food. This product has no salt, chemicals, grains, artificial coloring, sugar or artificial flavors. It is made with approximately 85% meat and organs. This product works well with even the pickiest dogs. It meets the AAFCO nutritional value for pets of all sizes and ages. It is also great for dogs with food allergies because the proteins it consist of are so unique. The Ziwi Peak Dog Food is air dried. This is done by gathering the meats together along with some healthy ingredients and leaving them out to air dry. The drying process results in the product having a jerky feeling. This formula is a great choice for a healthy, strong dog.

Having Venison as the main ingredient in your pets diet allows them to not only have variety, but strong muscles and bones as well. The calorie and fat intake is very low and the protein intake, (with the exception of fish) is the highest ever. Along with a high amount of Venison, there is also high levels of phosphorus, zinc, copper and Vitamin B. However, when purchasing dog food with fresh Venison as the number one ingredient, it’s a good idea to buy large amounts, simply because such products can be very hard to find. Venison has been tested and proven to do wonders in the lives of dogs. Individuals all want the best food for their families and themselves and they also want the best for their dogs as well. So the best product that will give your dogs the energy, health and life span that they should have is by feeding them dog food high in Venison.

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