Laylas favorite new toy

Submitted by southern_pit79 on Wed, 06/15/2011 - 22:48

And that would be a toilet paper roll she got out of the bathroom trash can. Shes as happy as a clam carries it everywhere with her and mainly just licks it. I spend 50 bucks a pop on new toys for her and she wants a toilet paper roll lol. Thats okay she isnt getting much excerise right now  due to the extremely heavy smoke and falling ash from the wild fires it isnt healthy for either of us to go outside, infact she doesnt want to in this. Lord please send rain my sinus head ache will thank you.

Isn't that just like when we were kids and would rather play with the box our new toy came in or the best ever a new fridge box! that was the bomb when I was a kid, LOL I don't know what it is about the bathroom trash, my Allie keeps getting into it too. she won't go in any other trash just that one. and you know she knows its bad because we will get home and instead of being all happy to see us she will go sit in her kennel.

Its so funny watching her try to hide it from me, when all she did is put her head over it, not on it. Shes convinced i cant see it lol

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