Jaws of steel

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I have a one year old pocket pit and he has jaws of steel. His name is brixx and he is about 60 lbs and under 17" tall on all fours but dont let his small height fool you because he can chew through anything. We used to have him in the wire crates for when we left the house and he would use his jaws to snap the wire around the latch so that he could get his nose out enough to open the latch, so we then swithched to a plastic crate which he did the same thing to so we tried putting zip ties on the door just when we had to leave him alone and he then chewed two huge holes through the side of the plastic cage big enough for him to squeeze out of. We have tried putting toys in his cage and they are destroyed with in 15 minutes of him getting them, he chewed up his plastic bowls so we got him metal ones and he chewed those up too. He destroys ropes rubber toys knong toys rawhide bowns the hard bones and anything else that he can get his teeth on he even trims his own nails by chewing them i have run out of ideas to keep this boys jaws occupied and ways to keep him contained so any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

Our Rosie has also chewed through almost every "tough chewer" toy on the market. However we found a ball called The Almost Indestructible Dog Ball that she loves to play with. She has a big one for outside and a smaller one for inside. She's had both for over 6 months and, although they have chew marks all over them, they are a very hard plastic so they can't pop. They aren't chew toys though...she chases them around and plays nose soccer with them. For chew toys, we get her the Nylabone Big Chews. Sorry, I've got no idea how to keep him contained. Concrete bunker in the basement maybe (just kidding!).

lol its tempting but i do love him to much to do that i just wish he would behave and not chew up the whole house when we left him out he also love to mark EVERYTHING so he deffinately has to be contained. As far as the chew toys i will have to see what he does with that ball but the nyla bones are a no go for him he shreads them so fast and then eats them and those things are soooo not easy for them to get out on their own and i hate sting pulling duty if you get what i mean lol. but thanx for the advice tho!!!

I'm the grandmama of a lovable 90lb baby myself, he's a year and a half. Loves to chew his toys but destroys them in no time. Where did you find this almost indestructible ball? He doesn't chew anything in the house, he's great as far as that goes, it's his toys. I want something to last.
Dallas loves to jump at bubbles. He has chewed field hockey balls, gone through soft balls, I swear if he could he'd chew the bat. WE love him. Please anyone get back to me with ideas

^Glad someone said it.

Is he neutered? If not, neutering along with training will help the marking problem. Does he enjoy being in his crate? Has he had a recent vet check lately? There are things like thyroid problems that I believe can cause anxiety issues in dogs.

Really it sounds like all he needs is training. Train him not to chew on things that he isn't supposed to (reward for chewing the right things, take away and put up the bad things, maybe try bitter apple spray for the things you can't put up) and train him that his crate is a good place to be.

Have you tried raw bones? Not only are they fun to chew, but there's also tasty marrow and meat on them. I haven't tried this yet, but I plan to start getting some nice bones for Dandi to play with this summer.

I love the term "pocket pit"...it describes the size perfectly. Pits are built for work instead of show, so there are so many different sizes. My Rosie is a little over 50 lbs with longer legs instead of a "Daddy" body type. I think it's funny how people who don't know pits very well don't realize there is such a wide variety of height & weight. I've gotten "isn't she a little big for a pit" as well as "isn't she a little small for a pit". Hmmm...maybe I'll call her a "stilt pit";-)

lol you said it .... pits come in all shapes and sizes one of my pocket pits is about 50lbs and less than 15" tall (the one pictured)and the other is about 60-65lbs and approximately 17" tall so yes they are very pocket sized maybe a little to heavy for a pocket but still pocket size lol ... i love them cuz you get all of the great qualities of a pitbull just more compact, they are perfect for apartments!!!!

They can absolutely vary in size, however proportion/conformation is vital to their ability as working dogs. It has nothing to do with show.

I'd like to know what type of work a 'pocket pit' is bred to do?

It seems to me that people are breeding for a certain look/fad, rather than for a specific job. Responsible breeders breed for excellent conformation, and stable, correct temperaments, working titles and clean health.

Obviously this dog's job is to be a pet, and I have no doubt that it excels at that job. What is unfortunate about fad breeding is the fallout seen in shelters across the country.

Sorry for the rant. Back to the original subject, a kong with peanut butter frozen in the freezer works wonders and will keep them busy for a good while.

I agree with the training issue when I read how he distroys his crate I became very worried for his saftey. What we do with ours is take him out for a facepaced walk before we leave the house and wear him out real well so for the most part he takes a nap while we are away we have to do this with our pom mix also who has awful seperation problems once we took the kids out for lunch and came home to find our pom/mix was left in our bedroom that little monster dug out a 3ft section of the carpet infront of the door! so crate for him from now on...

With the marking if he is un nutered hmm I would say best of that males love to own everything LOL

I also agree with the best toy is the undistructable ball the one thats is super heavy rubber type and the wonderful kong toys that you can fill with treats and freeze I love to freeze peanut butter in ours for Zilla when we have to crate him for more than just a small outting

he loves being in his crate, when we are home we leave the door open for him and thats usually where you will find him but as soon as we leave the cage is in some serious trouble. As far as the walking before i leave, its not always doable in my life for one i have 3 small children who i am alone with 99.9% of the time also most of the time when i need to leave its very last minute. Also i have five pits so just walkin one of them is not possible or very fair so walks usually have to wait until i have someone to sit with my kids cuz i can only take 2 at a time and one has to be walked by herself cuz shes way to strong. So yes things are very hectic with my army of dogs and i am trying extremely hard to train them but i really have no help and it is exhausting work so the process is slow but i will get there eventually. but thanks for all of your advice and ill have to check out those toys and see how they work!!

Pyrozilla - I never thought of freezing peanut butter in a kong. That's a great idea!

Cynja - Do they make saddles for pits? Each child could ride a pit so you could exercise the dogs and get the kids out of the house all at the same time:-) Just kidding!

If your life is this hectic at the moment, is there a reason you own so many high energy dogs? Pits are terriers; they need exercise or they will be destructive. That's just how they roll. They don't only need a romp in the yard, but also mental exercise, something they get from walks with all the new scents and sights.
Maybe you should look into a dog walker or something. It sounds he's just a frustrated, bored and untrained animal.

ETA: Although there are many different kinds of 'pits', the American Pit Bull Terrier is meant to a sleek animal. 'Pocket pits' are a mixture of different breeds sold at high prices that often come with health problems because of their build.

First of all it was not the original plan that i would be responsible for five pits on my own but the cards did not play out how i had originally planned, its not the dogs fault that things changed and i know am solely responsible for them and im not going to make them pay that price. Second of all i really dont need a lesson about the pitbull breed as i have said previously i have raised pits all of my life so i know all about the breed. I realize that they are high energy dogs and that they need a lot of exercise and training which they get everyday several times a day but in doing so with my children things become hectic because i have to watch the kids and the dogs and make sure that the dogs arent knocking over the kids while im training one and i all around just need to either have more eyes and hands or a whole nother person to help whereas i dont see either one of those happening soo my life is and will most likely remain HECTIC!!!!

As for the whole pocket pit thing, what exactly do you think pit bulls are? The orginal pit bull is a mix between an american bull dog, a mastiff, and an american terrier. So the origianl american pit bull terrier is a mix of different breeds. The pocket pit is an american pit bull terrier 100% they are only given the title pocket pit if they are 17" or shorter standing on all fours. Its possible to breed full sized pits and have one puppy from the litter be a "pockeyt pit" To breed pocket pits they dont mix breeds all they do is take the smallest dogs from the litter or the "runts" and breed them together to make small pits. Basically any pitbul that stands 17" tall or shorter can be classified as a pocket pit and they have no more or less health problems then any other American Pitbull Terrier, they are they same dog, just in a smaller size!!!

Cynja not to argue but for someone that supposedly has been raising pits all their life you really need to brush up on their origin so here is a quick break down they originally came from england and ireland weighed no more than 40 poynds we adapted them here to be bigger and heavier and more hardy and they were originally bred down from bulldogs and white terriers not american bulldogs amd mastiffs or american terriers and the dog you have pictured has some flaws in his/her legs which can lead to health issues looks like the front legs splay out and her paws are not of the correct standard per the breeding guideline they are to be cat like in shape and the hind legs look like they bow out and when the originally breeders of the american pitbull terrier started breeding them here they followed strict breeding policies that all true breeders follow such as Mr. Ed Budreaux,Mr.Louis Colby,to name a few but you do have a nice dog as for owning five i can relate caue at one time i had 17 dogs in my yard and it was alot of work for myself and i been involved with pits for over 15 years owning and breeding and rescue of these great dogs but thgis particular dog might have seperation anxiety

Actually you may need to brush on your pitbull history. If you search the history of pit bulls you will get hundreds of variations of how pits were created, it is a highly debated topic but commonly you will find that they say pits came from a mix of breeds being the american mastiff the bull dog and the terrier, in some text it even says that the pit bull was made by breeding mastiffs and terriers and that they called this dog a bull dog only because it was used for bull bating and that it was not actually a bull dog. basically im not say your wrong or that im wrong but it really depends on where you do you research, the history of the american pitbull terrier is unknown there is no exact proof of all the details of the history all we can do is research others peoples findings and opinions. Also i dont know why you feel like you need to educate me i wasnt even talking to you i was responding to a commet that someone else left to me!!!!! When i feel like im being attacked i defend myself and thats all there is too it

As for the dog that i have pictured there is nothing wrong with him his legs and his frame is fine because he is in the "POCET PIT" class not the standard american pit bull terrier class. He has won awards in his class and unless you are a vet i suggest you keep makeshift diagnosis to your self because i dont listen to medical advice to people who have supposedly have owned pit for over 15 years and thinks that makes them the pitbull guru of the world. So thank but not thanks!!!! and my award winning dog is in perfect health with perfect little legs for his frame!!!!!!

You say you don't want to "make them pay that price" for you being overwhelmed with dogs and children, but that is precisely what you're doing. Your inadequacy as a dog owner has gotten to the point where one of your dogs is CHEWING THROUGH A METAL CAGE and is out of control! There is no magical dog toy you can throw at this dog that will solve all of his problems so you can go back to ignoring him. I shudder to think of what the other dogs are going through.

You're seeking help from an online forum because one of your nearly half a dozen dogs has severe behavior issues that you admit you are unable to control.You admit that you can't be a responsible owner to all of your dogs while being a responsible parent or caretaker to all of the children.

You "realize that they are high energy dogs and that they need a lot of exercise and training," but you also say you don't have time to give it to them because it's just too dang hard and "HECTIC!!!!" If you actually knew a blasted thing about this breed, or dogs in general, like you keep insisting you do, I would think you would realize that a situation where NUMEROUS dogs are being neglected and not cared for or trained is not exactly an ideal situation for anyone involved.

"i all around just need to either have more eyes and hands or a whole nother person to help whereas i dont see either one of those happening soo my life is and will most likely remain HECTIC!!!!"

What you need is to put your "pocket pits" into a deserving home where someone will be willing, and competent enough, to give them proper care and attention. Either that, or do it for the kids!


Appreciate your passion, but please tone it down. You can get your point across without being mean and resorting to personal attacks.

What this person is inflicting upon their dogs (and children) amounts to nothing less that abuse. My tone may seem harsh to you, but I was under the impression that the members of this forum agreed that these are "dogs for smart people." Even with just that line of reasoning, it's clear they are completely unqualified to own those unfortunate animals.

Be that as it may, personal attacks will not be tolerated. You can get your point across without them. If you can't, then you need some work yourself. Or find a different place to post.

Yes, they are dogs for smart people. But just calling someone dumb doesn't really help the matter when they have posted on this forum for advice and help.

Behavioral science even applies to humans. The next person who is having problems might not bother with this forum or post here at all because they have seen how people are treated who have the nerve to ask for help and advice.

You catch more flies with sugar.

Being a smart person doesn't give anyone the excuse to be an ass.

There is a reason that nature often kills the runts of litters. These dogs are deformed, to put it bluntly. They are nowhere near the standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier. It's similar to 'teacup' dogs; actually, it's the exact same with a different name. Breed the worst of the litter with the worst of the litter to create something with so many health problems it will die at a young age.

Rehome some of your dogs if you cannot handle them all. Your mind set reminds me quite a bit of a hoarder; you're overwhelmed, you cannot handle the animals you have with your children, the animals must go. It's a simple solution to a problem that could otherwise end in tragedy. A frustrated dog WILL snap. Your dog is giving you all the signs. Do NOT make it give you the final sign of biting your childs face off.

Actually the original pitbull was pure bred....which means they were not mixed with any other breed of dog. The pure bred pits are from back in Roman times. When they moved across land some time later, that's when they started breeding with other "high end" breeds, such as the mastiff and terriers.

The "pit" came from back during the plague and being the infestation of rats, they would put these bulldogs in a pit and see how many rats they could catch. That's where pitbull came from.

Most people think that a pitbull is a variety of breeds, but not the original pitbull...the original was "pure". I personally don't care for the look of an original pitbull myself.

i have a chewer & i have given her a lacrosse ball and she hasnt gotten threw it yet!

I dealt with a similar problem, but divided between two dogs. Sounds like your dog is just bored and under exercised- though before you get offended, that term is broad because I have a 4 year old female pit, who still has energy after 2 or 3 20 minute sessions of fetch over lonnnng distances and a daily hour long walk/run. She is just that way, if there's a ball it doesn't matter how much exercise she's had. So getting to the point- when she was a puppy she went through all of her toys in milliseconds so I got very creative about keeping her busy:

1. Black rubber kong (indestructible) put kibble in first, then load it up with peanut butter, then more kibble, then a little more peanut butter so the kibble stays in, then pop an ice cube in the top and freeze the whole thing over night. If your dog doesn't like peanut butter you can use hot dogs or canned dog food, though I wouldn't really freeze the hot dogs...

2. Marrow bone* you can get these from the butcher section at the grocery store or in a pet supply store for the dried version. Jones makes some seriously delicious (according to the dogs) marrow bones with some dried jerky still on the outside.

3. Sterilized beef bone* filled with peanut butter or dog food or whatever, and frozen

4. Safety Knotted rawhide, different than traditional rawhides because the end knots are huge and designed to last longer- however, you should see how long it takes your dog to get through a rawhide before you leave him alone with one, if he gets through them too fast- like my female, don't leave him alone with one.

5. Nylabones- flavored or non. Nylabones are great for tough chewers especially the galileo bones, which are a unique rounded shape. These are safe for really tough chewers and last forever.

6. Big knotted rope toys- again, watch how your dog eats these if he's like most terriers he will tear it into tiny pieces but not eat any of them, but if he's going to eat it, you don't want to leave it.

* A note about bones:
- use caution leaving your dog with beef bones or any animal bones: for one, make sure the bone is thick enough that your dog can't break pieces off and ingest them; second, watch your dog with a bone and see how he chews it, if he seems to want to eat the pieces, you can't leave him alone with one. Most dogs will spit the pieces out, but even one that's accidentally swallowed can cause stomach problems or even require surgery.

Another issue with bones is dental safety. My female is 4 years old and has excellent teeth, she's never broken one on a bone, but my 7 year old rescue just broke one of his major incisors on a bone this week and it's not a fun situation, it will require some pricey surgery to fix.

So- it really comes down to you knowing your dog. I really don't think a 1 year old dog in good health should have a problem with beef bones, but if you're not sure, go with nylabones instead and fill some kongs with food.

If you do fill the kongs with lots of delicious food you might want to cut down his meal portions a little bit unless you want the world's heaviest pocket pit.

If your dog plays fetch, this will really help you, he might not even need that much exercise to mellow out, but even one of your kids could throw the ball for him if you can't, assuming they're old enough.

And this seems like boredom, but it could be separation anxiety, does your dog seem anxious when you leave? Or when he sees you getting ready to leave? Or is he fine when you go and then just destroys things when you're gone? If he's anxious about you leaving you can talk to your vet about medications and training you can do and he should be better in just a few weeks.

Good luck!

thank you so much for all of your helpful advice, and i do think that its seperation anxiety and both my kids and myself spend hours outside everyday playing with all of the dogs and trying to train them but he sits by my side and dosent really want to play with the kids or other dogs or me he just wants to sit there so i attempt to train him and he looks at me like im nuts lol i think he's just a crazy little pudge ball but i will try some of your advice and let you know how it goes ... once again thank you

I like all the toy suggestions, but I have one that works wonders when it rains or I am studying. We call it the "red eye of death" lol. Actually, it is a laser pointer. Bully will chase the red dot until he drops. It is great exercise and he will pick up the laser pointer and beg me to turn it on. I think it provides a lot of mental stimulation. My dog went through a seperation anxiety when I first rescued him. I left him in the laundry room and came home to find he had chewed a hole through a wooden door. I was horrified and we went to the vet. The vet and the trainer helped us solve this anxiety. I think you see it alot in rescued dogs.

I am not sure what you have available in your area and how you dogs are with others, but we take out pit bull puppy to doggy daycare. I know many people have giving me crap about this, but it is the best thing we could have ever done. Try to search for bark central in your area, they rock. They take great care of our dog and she goes there once a week and comes home so tired and well behaved, it takes her about 3 days to get all her energy back. They first evaluate your dog to see if they can be there and get along with everyone and once you pass that, you are good to go. She loves it, I can tell she recognizes the building every time we go, and with being a puppy we expected some chewing and behavior problems, but we haven't had anything major because we make sure she works off her energy. I can definitely tell if she hasn't been to daycare or walked for a few days because of weather. I know this option isn't going to be available to everyone but it is well worth it if you have it in your area.

You sound just like me! My pit has destroyed 2 wire crates and a plastic crate. She doesn't mind going in it at night but if you leave her in it during the day or when we go out, she freaks out. I ended up talking to my vet and she now takes a sedative before we leave her for more than a few hours. It works wonders. It calms her down enough to where she will stay in the crate and be comfortable. I hate having to do it but I couldn't afford to continue to buy crates and she hasn't shown us that she can be trusted alone in the house.

As for the toys, I haven't found anything that Raleigh can't destroy. She has managed to destroy the black Kongs to the point where I can't even put treats in them. She loves the red Kong ball and that seems to be the only thing that hasn't been destroyed. You might try plastic bottles... like liter bottles. Raleigh loves those and they're a cheap toy. I take off the label and top and let her go at it. Those seem to last the longest.

thats funny my dogs love plastic bottles too but i just worry about them eating the little sharp pieces that they rip off. Also i know exactly where you are coming from my dogs are fine if they are left out one at a time but if i try to leave all five of them out at the same time they have a blast destroying my house and thats even if i walk them before i leave. The one that chews the worst is not fully house broken, if we are watching her she is fine but as soon as we leave her alone of she is out of our sight she love to poop all over my house and pee on our beds i tried closing off all the rooms and she recently chewed through the door to get into my room. This situation is becoming a nightmare but i hate to give her up because i have her sister too and i think that they will be heart broken. Having five pits and three kids is tons of work and it really wears a person down but i just dont have the heart to give any of them up!!!


Pocket pits are very ingenious. My neighbor had one and he loved our house, he would find a way to get out of his 6ft locked cage with bricks and tires on the top and sides,dug under 2 fences to get to our house. He scratched our screen out to get inside and then walk into the front room and lay down. I think he thought he lived with us lol. The neighbors moved but I'm waiting to find him sitting one day in our house again.lol. But back to the original question...Have you tried giving him more space. My pit did the same thing until I simply closed him in a spare room with his water, food n toys with a radio or tv on. Didn't have a problem again. When we get home he is sleeping on his bed.
You can get the almost indestructable ball online at Petco.com $12.00 for lrg and I think $10 for small. Beastely loves it, we have to throw a box over it to get him to stop playing with it. You want to make sure the peanut butter is natural or fat free if you are worried about weight gain n freeze it. I also freeze low fat yogurt. Also you can purchase an interactive dog feeder so that you can put in kibbles or treats for him to roll around to get goodies. I need the extreme kong but I even have to watch him with that because when he going you never know. Have you tried a spring pole in the yard for the yard.

Have the same problem with my pittie, he will chew through anything you give him. Haven't tried this yet but I read up on it and it sounds promising. They are called Boomer Balls and they are actually made for zoo animals such as lions and tigers and such. So they would have to be pretty strong I would assume. Go to boomerball.com and check it out. They are a pretty reasonable price for what they are.

The boomer ball is almost the same thing as the almost indestructable ball but cheaper.

I agree, your dog is probably bored and having a young pit and a newborn baby myself, I know just how hectic it can be. Try looking into a dog park that you may have in your area. I don't have the time to play and give my dog exercise so I just try to take him to the park once a week maybe every two weeks and it works wonders. It lets him release energy that he has been saving up and it also helps him socialize with other dogs which is extremely important since most pits are known to be dog aggressive if not socialized.

as far as the chewing, I think that's a problem that all pits have. My baby boy has chewed through EVERYTHING listed here haha. The almost indestructable ball, the nylabone, the Kong, everything. Although, I am definitley going to give the boomerball a try.

Just try not to stress out too much. I can see how much you love your dogs and I respect the fact that your sticking to it regardless of his behavioral issues, when most would just take it to the pound instantly (mainly why you find so many pits and all kinds of dogs in the pound). Although, I sincerely do think that you may want to look into finding him another owner who can put in the time and effort that he needs as far as training and exercise goes because it seems that you may be a bit overwhelmed. I know how hard its going to be to even think about it, but don't just throw the option out of the window. I hope everything works out for you

I saw on here someone had made the statement of the rope toys which are a great toy as long you are supervising your dog with the toy. I would strongly recommend that these toys NEVER be left alone with the dog. While working at a veterinary hospital we had a 6 month old lab puppy come in very ill, vomiting and wasn't able to eat. Through all various testing, x-ray, and lab work couldn't find any source of the illness. It was finally determined that exploratory surgery would be needed to find an obstruction as this was the only other possibility for such symptoms. During this surgery it was discovered that the dog had a rope toy in his stomach and a few strands of the rope toy were wrapped around the very back of his tongue causing this rope toy to stay logged right were it was. All of this could have been avoided and the over 900.00 vet bill if the owner would have just supervised the dog with this toy. Just a cautionary note :)

Try Rescue Remedy for the separation anxiety. You can find it at Whole Foods or other stores that sell holistic remedies. Just put a couple of drops on his tongue or in his food. It's designed to calm their nerves and I've heard it works well.

Take a look at Gough Nuts. Look pretty good also. www.goughnuts.com

My baby gave me the same problem. I only have one dog and no kids and he would never stay in a cage. Even as a puppy he wanted out, some dogs just do not want to be caged. Honestly the thought of a concrete bunker crossed my mind as well after he went through steel cages a few times. We did figure out that it was seperation anxiety, but he grew out of it. I think he was just anxious even though we had him from birth he never stayed in a cage when we put him in there. He also used to chew the wood from the back door while we were gone and there is only one ball he cannot destroy, the boomerball. He will need a lot of love and reassurance but you keep working with him and it might work. He may just need more excercise also but too many dogs and kids could be causing the anxiety b/c pits just love to be the number one baby.

I need some help i have a 8 wks pitbull girl this is the first time i have ever owned a pitbull- i have always been afraid of them because of all the stories that ive been told about how aggressive these dogs are. My puppy is such a menace which is totally normal shes just a baby but she has the bad habit of biting, if i pet her or hold her she grabs my hand and wont let go (which is very painful!!!) i play with her and she runs w full force towards me and bites my hands, hair, or my leg. Im trying to train her but its been difficult she just love to bite my hands... and im afaid that this will make her aggressive when shes older & attack me or my family. is this something that she will get over or should i be concerned????...i really love my little puppy but i dont want her 2 be aggressive like this. if anyone could please give me some advise i would greatly appreciate it!!!!

When she bites (any part of your body) make a loud sharp noise/clap hands. Stop play immediately! put her in her crate or room for a few minutes. She will learn that biting is not acceptable. But everyone in your house must be on the same page and do it the same way. Do not let those cute puppy eyes and face get the better of you. She must learn this is not acceptable. I personally do not allow tug games with our pit but you will find others that don't have a problem with it. Mine is too big. Even when we are playing with his toys and he accidentally bites me. I make a loud sound and play stops. If she is teething (which is not an excuse for biting). I provide a sock filled with older clean socks and knotted at the opening. I soak in water n frozen. It's like a big teething ring. This will help her if she is teething.

I had this same problem when we got Lady. She was from an abusive home and was very shy. She had serious anxiety problems at first so I took some time off to stay with her until she got used to the house. The first day she and Georgia were left alone in their room, Lady managed to chew out of her crate(which any other time she loved to be in) and through a wall into the closet where we found her when we got home. She had also ripped the trim off around the door. That night I went and bought every large hard rubber toy I could find and within 10 minutes they were in pieces. I also tried the Nyla Bones and she snapped those in half and swallowed a sharp piece which cut her intestine and had to be repaired. So I'm right there with you! I can't find anything she can't destroy. We now take them for a walk before we leave the house for a few hours and they stay out in the house. We have had a few trash mishaps but she hasn't destroyed anything since.

For a crate I would recommend a plastic ASPCA one we got from Wal Mart for about $60. The wire door is to small knit for him to be able to chew. As for toys well ev evrything we get for our baby last about 5 minutes. Even the much advised Kong toys fared no better. So now we give him doggy bones when we must leave him in his crate. Trust me a crate is a must have unless you like getting new couches or matresses or shoes....my poor shoes lol. Also try tiring him out before yo place him in the crate. Good luck.


My dog has chewed through walls and doors as a puppy. We had pretty much given up on toys a while ago until someone recommended a Nylabone Rhino bone. One lasted her for 2 years, and we just got another. They are safe to swallow too so no worries. She is a pretty good chewer too. I would highly recommend one. They are pricey though. Ours was $20, but sooooo worth it!

Oh and that ball lasted us 10 minutes! Lol. She loves her balls.

Here is a link to the bone. Get the biggest one.


I adopted my pit a while ago, or better he adopted us. I have a daughter that is getting rid off most he stuffed animals, most of them are good toys for the dogs ( I also have 2 labs) I bet lots aft them are available at yardssales. I never had a pit and did not know how destructive they get if they don't get the exercise, until he started to "eat"my bed.LOL. I got some toys for my labs that have been around for a long time and Spike likes them but for some reason don't destroy them, BUT yeah here it comes and I bet everybody knew a but was coming.

since I have not the time to take him on long walks, I go out in the backyard with 2 frisbees. I have to have 2 because he woun't give it up for me to trow again and if I try to take it, it turnes into a battle between us. Sure he destroys the frisbees, but I get a few day out of them and they are not that expensive (cheaper then a new bed) When I went to the dollar store I found I guess frisbee rings? Its like a frisbee with a hole in the middle. It war soooo funny. we went out to play and them things can fly! they are really flixible and I thought maybe the will last a bit longer.What was I thinking?LOL. But I got such a good laught out of it that it was worth the money. So, he goes and fetches the ring, he has to chew it while he is walking, here the thing flippes up and over his head, now he had a halo! lol. he tried to get it off, but he trew it up and it came down and around his mouth. omg I was laughting. A pit with a halo, who would have thought!

I adopted my pit a while ago, or better he adopted us. I have a daughter that is getting rid off most he stuffed animals, most of them are good toys for the dogs ( I also have 2 labs) I bet lots aft them are available at yardssales. I never had a pit and did not know how destructive they get if they don't get the exercise, until he started to "eat"my bed.LOL. I got some toys for my labs that have been around for a long time and Spike likes them but for some reason don't destroy them, BUT yeah here it comes and I bet everybody knew a but was coming.

since I have not the time to take him on long walks, I go out in the backyard with 2 frisbees. I have to have 2 because he woun't give it up for me to trow again and if I try to take it, it turnes into a battle between us. Sure he destroys the frisbees, but I get a few day out of them and they are not that expensive (cheaper then a new bed) When I went to the dollar store I found I guess frisbee rings? Its like a frisbee with a hole in the middle. It war soooo funny. we went out to play and them things can fly! they are really flixible and I thought maybe the will last a bit longer.What was I thinking?LOL. But I got such a good laught out of it that it was worth the money. So, he goes and fetches the ring, he has to chew it while he is walking, here the thing flippes up and over his head, now he had a halo! lol. he tried to get it off, but he trew it up and it came down and around his mouth. omg I was laughting. A pit with a halo, who would have thought!

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