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Submitted by shynmiah on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 11:57

My 5 year old pit loves to chew on toys so they don't last very long. Has anyone found a great chew toy they would recommend that won't go to pieces after one session of chewing. He does love his rawhide bones but needs something that won't disapear or break easily.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I can only give Dakota KONG toys now. Everything else gets destroyed within 5 minutes! She LOVES the Kong Wubba and their squeeky toys (tennis ball material). I would recommend the black Kong toys over the red/puppy - the black are "supposed" to be indestructable.... they usually last awhile with Dakota - a few weeks anyways!
Also, (I don't) but Petsmart says if you keep your receipt and the dog destroys a KONG - you can return/exchange it.

I have made the mistake of buying this dog plush squeaky toy at walmart, destroyed by my nine month old pitt in one day. i now give him the rawhide bones mostly which will last maybe a week. he also has this toy, not sure who makes it, but its excellent. it is a thick rope inside a cylindar type hard ribbed chewy thing. it has dfferent textures and seems indistructable. he doesnt play with it much, but will when he gets bored. he loves plush stuffed toys with a squeaker in them but i really cant buy that for him because they do not last. i am going to look into the kong. thanks!

I asked the sales associate at Petsmart, they handed me the tough dog nylabone, lol it lasted less than five minutes with the pit and the rottie. I had to laugh as they both were spread out besided each other tearing these bones apart. Such devil dogs, lol.

The original nylabones, which feel almost hard as a rock, are actually pretty good. They'll last a few weeks with my pit, and he goes to town on them.

Did he give you one of the softer ones?

I have an off brand rip off of a nylabone that she hasn't been able to destroy yet. she will sit and chew on it till she falls asleep with it in her mouth, lol its so cute. We have had that bone now for 6 months and it only has some small teeth marks.

The only thing that has really lasted for Kai is the Galileo chew toy by nylabone. Everything else lasts about 5 mintues until it's pulverized into little peices! =)

Here's a link to a picture of it:

You can buy them at any chain pet store or even the small ones carry them as well. May be a bit pricey, but well worth the money.

yes!  My vet recommended this after my dog needed surgery for a blockage in her intestine caused from eating everthing.  She is a very aggressive chewer and this bone has lasted her about 4 months! Very good purchase

Try coconuts!! They last longer then any bone or toy I've ever tried and they are cheap. Brutus just loves them.

i gave up on buying new toys, now k-ro get old clothes tied in knots, jeans work best and socks are plentiful. if your pup shreds stuff it will definitely make a mess though.

I was going through toys by the minute with Beastley. "The Almost Indestructable Ball" was worth the $12.00 I paid for it. You can get it online at (I couldn't find it at the local store). It comes in 2 sizes and you can put water in it to make it more of a challenge. Beastley plays with it for hours and as of yet hasn't figured out how to destroy it. The hardest part is getting it away from him to rest.

The best thing I have found for my pits is the deer antler! You can buy them in bulk at feed stores, online (although they only sell individual and are expensive). One of the companies I buy from is the Montana Antler Co. and they are online and will sell in bulk. It takes weeks for them to chew them down, they don't fight over them, they don't smell, aren't greasy and don't splinter like bones. The best thing is that they are shed naturally by the deer. They come in all different shapes and sizes and there is no rhyme or reason for which ones my pits pick out! LOL! Best investment ever for those with extreme chewers!

So far the only toys that last more than a day at my house are the Kogs. Although, she can tear them into pieces whenever she wants. She just seems to really like the Kong so she keeps it around for awhile! lol Our other pit, who is only a year old, seems to like the soft fabric type toys instead of the tough plastic kongs, so we tried the Kong wubba and he LOVED it, but they are not as durable and he was able to break the ball out.

I am also in search of the most durable toy out there!!! Any ideas would be wonderful!

I have heard about the deer antlers. I HAVE to try those! My pits LOVE the solid bones I buy @ PetsMart. I don't get the ones with fillers....too messy. They last FOREVER! I have EXTREME chewers...and these are the only chews/bones/toys that have satisfied their need to chew and they are only about 4$. They are sold individually....but WELL WORTH IT!

My pup is a huge chewer! She's so methodical in her destruction that she'll chew the black kongs into tiny pieces. I typically only buy her nylabones and kongs. But I had someone at a small privately owned pet store tell me about GoughNuts. They are a tougher rubber than kongs, and guaranteed by the manufacturer! So far she hasn't made a dent in her goughnut (it's been 3 months!) and LOVES it more than any other toy! They are a little pricey in comparison to kongs at Petsmart or Petco etc, but once you break through the first layer of rubber, you only pay for the shipping back to the manufacturer to have it replaced for a BRAND NEW toy. By far the best toy investment for anyone with a Pit!

Yes, bones only.. And not the ones that are soft or where the bone chips easily. The HARD bones! That is all I have found indestructible.

I've had success with the Kong Extreme, as well as the Zogoflex Huck. Fill a Kong with peanut butter and then freeze it. It's a great thing to keep them busy while they're alone for a couple hours.

The other thing I do from time to time is pick up old soccer balls. The local lake is littered with them, unfortunately. I try to 'recycle' one every time I paddle on the lake. My dog shreds them pretty quick, but they're free and easy to come by. He loves them.

We get the Nylabones:

and they last pretty well....get between 4-5 months out of one before it needs replacing.

Those GoughNuts look great! I will pick a couple up when I pick up their dog food in two weeks. Thanks for the suggestion and link!

I get my girl a tough rope to chew on, they usually last a few weeks and don't make a huge mess.. I'll give her tennis balls as treats cuz she'll tear through them in an hour systematically nibbling all the fuzz off then destroying whats left of the rubber ball..

Ok so my local Meijer store had Kongs on sale buy one get one free. I bought two (one for each of my pits). I put treats in them and gave them each one. My female Kira has had one before and loves them and it keeps her busy for hours and she has never destroyed one. However my male Ace began his life in the Humane Society and had absolutly no clue what to do with it when I gav it to him. So the next day when I went to work I put treats in the Kongs and put them in their crates to keep them occupied. When I got home Ace decided that the hole in the bottom wasn't big enough so he ate the Kong around the hole to make it bigger and got the treats out (shit head)!! I thought they weren't suppose to be able to destroy them like that. He has to be the funniest dog I have ever had. I just laughed at him. So FYI Kongs can be completely destroyed in hours with a Pit

We bought two of the Crazy Critters at Dollar General, instead of on tv but the same toy. Our pits have had them for a month now. The squeakers our broke but they can still play tug of war or chew on them. I was surprised they have lasted that long. Was worth the $10.

We've had good experiences with the classic Kong. We tried the harder black one, but our older dog was able to bite the top right off. The red one actually has lasted for well over a year at this point. I think the fact that it gives rather than breaks makes a big difference with our dogs. We have a couple of Nylabones, and they last as well, but with the type of material they are, they end up with lots of sharp little edges. Other than that, regular bones (not rawhides) seem to last as well.

I did have good experiences with the Kong for Kira but Ace is a terror when it comes to destorying it. Thank god he's not an intense chewer like Kira. In the evenings after they eat dinner Kira will go potty and then immediatly come in and grab her mint flavored Nylabone and chew it hard core all night. She has got them sharp like crazy but that don't stop her. She doesn't get agressive about it but some times if Ace tries to grab it she lets him no thats a no no he has his own. So the other day he grabbed it from her on the couch and ran to the bed room dropped it then came back out in the living room like ha now go get it. Cracked me up

Have you tried a tractor tire for the backyard, eGGe toy, wobbly kong, or interactive toys. Goughnuts are similar to kongs but a guarenteed if damaged they will replace free

We've used different Kongs--the black one, were given a pink one free (not by choice, but not sure that our male dog cares much, lol)...and recently bought the Kong Wobbler--can put food and small treats inside, and the dog has to paw at the toy to get the food to spill out. O'Shea gets all the little bits of food/treat out in less than 5 min, it seems...but he enjoys leaving a few bits in it, and will get to it when he's ready. He also likes the Kongs when we layer peanut butter and special, meaty type treats (Nat. Balance tubes--cut up), then freeze it. We also had this squirrel toy that has squeakers on both ends, but no stuffing--O'Shea ripped one of the squirrels ears off to get the squeaker, we threw the squeaker away, but he loves the squirrel; it's like his best friend. :P

"1 layer of fleece, 2 layers of industrial grade luggage material, and 1 layer of plastic coating at the center. All 4 layers are bonded and sewn together...assembled with 7 seams...4 seams hold the product together, then another layer of material is added to cover the assembly stitching, then 3 more seams are added."

My last dog would shred everything. He was a pit/lab shelter dog. He would shred rope toys all over the house, chew little pieces off kongs (and eat them), and work on a toy until he chewed a small hole in it to pull all the stuffing out. I got him a "tuffy" from and the thing lasted forever. It took him 4 weeks working at the smae spot to get through the material to the stuffing, and even then the stuffing is sewn in so he couldn't get it pulled out!

My current pit turns her nose up at kongs and rawhide gives her diarrhea. She'll chew on plain bones if she's bored but sometimes she cracks pieces off so I only give them to her with supervision, usually with frozen peanut butter inside to keep her interested in licking not chewing. Rope toys she shreds, tennis balls she peels open, and nylabones only interest her some of the time. Now she loves her Tuffy shark. She's had it 2 weeks, and she chews and chews on the stitching and it hasn't shredded yet. 16x9x5, machine washable, and it floats! It has a tough scale of 7 (which is "really tuff" compared to 10 "tuffest/mega tuff") and was only $18.50. For a large toy that us tough and that she ACTUALLY plays with that's not bad. I've spent a lot on "tough" toys in the past that she won't even look at.

She also enjoys tires. You can get bone shaped tire chunks from some pet stores. If your dog is like mine and shreds but doesn't ingest it's a great buy. Less than a dollar and takes days to shred up. It's real tire but with thread stitching instead of wire so it's safe for their mouths.

Also she loves horse hooves. They don't shatter but they do start to smell funny about day 3 or 4 when she gets to the center of them. And Cow ears are a great alternative to rawhide. Cow ears don't "melt" when they get drooled on and they're fibrous so they take longer to chew up. They're the only chew treat my do doesn't get the runs from.

I have noticed that alot of you use Kongs or Nylabone. I see that some use rawhides too. I was told by my vet that she doesn't recommend rawhides because the dogs body can't digest them properly and they can get stuck in their intestines and things. I have given my dogs pig ears and they love them they usually last about 10min. A nylabone last them a few months usually. Kongs are only fun if they have something in them lol.

We're hearing more and more negative things about rawhides.

Bully sticks seem to be the most recommended nowadays.

Rawhides give my pitty the runs. BAD. Even a small rawhide. And she would just salivate on them until they were soft enough to swallow without chewing them. I tried pigs ears but they were greasy and gave her gas. Now she gets cow ears. They come in many flavors and are dry and fibrous and require chewing. And they're cheap (under $1) and are big enough to be cut into 2 or 3 treats each. Never tried bully sticks but the thought of my girl eating a bull's penis is a but disturbing to me.

Brus Mom - I went and bought my lil guy and our shepherd two coconuts but apparently as my boyfriend said I bought the wrong kind because I didn't notice they said easy breakable or something. Anyways they loooooove rolling them around on the floor trying to peel the husks. My favorite part was watching them watch it roll down our front steps (which is 18 steps) and out on the lawn then look at me like ummm go get that. Unfortuantely it split open, but was great entertainment! Thank you !!!!

I have the almost indestructable ball, the eGGe toy, and the goughnut
(this is guaranteed if destroyed they will replace as well as the kong. They love all of them and as of yet (knock on wood) haven't been able to destroy them. Both of my boys are very hard chewers. As a treat I fill the kong with kibble mixed with peanut butter or fill it with yogurt and freeze it for a special treat. They get very excited over these interactive toys.

I have a question for anyone.... I have been buying the nylabone with the mint in the middle so its green in the middle and the creamy color on the ends. The seem to be lasting for a month or so but I can't tell if Kira (my main chewer) is actually eating it or it just get worn down from her constant chewing. Is it safe or should I stop giving it to her? Also I noticed some of you have said you use bully sticks and real bones or hooves. Are those safe for them to ingest? My guess is no but I was just wondering what others had to say. I had also posted earlier about my male pit Ace destorying his Kong. Well I got him the x-large size and now he loves it. I put the Kong filler in it and he goes crazy of course he expects me to hold it for him lol. But I think the first size was to small for him.

We feed both our dogs soup bones from the butcher shop. My shepherd can power down a whole bone and leave nuting left to find. My pibble chews on them but has never eaten the whole thing. He just loves to chew so mostly he pulls of any meant and then digs in for the marrow. I find them hidden in his crates and in the yard. He loves them and keep him busy for hours. Our shepherd's trainer is the one who introduced us to soup bones and she has never had a problem and our vet has said it's fine. Each night after we feed our dogs their kibble we say time for dessert. They run to the freezer and sit waiting for their bones. After we hand them their bones they run to their crates to chew away. We don't leave them alone to chew on them esp cuz Jerry chews them to bits. Raisin like I said he hides them. I figured out when he not smileing that means he hiding someting in his mouth now. Character he is.

Amberc922- ace sounds like my crazy pup!! He is also a rescue and destroys everything!! Haha he did the same w his kong and just made a bigger hole bc he was sick of me playoff games making him work for his treats!! Lol

Kong toys seem to be O'Shea's favorite, esp. his wobbly one, where we stick a portion of his food in there--keeps him occupied for at least 10-15 minutes. :) The only time we ever got rawhides was when we first got him, and little did we know he'd down one in a short period of time, then have the runs REAL BAD. He loves beef bones that have marrow in them. Of course, we watch him while chewing on it, cuz he'll really go at it and break pieces of the bone off, and if it's a large piece, we'll take that away, let him continue chewing. I heard these marrow bones seem to be some of the best ones, esp. if you can get some bones from a butcher shop.

For my two pitties, only the black Kongs have been good. Those are also destroyed, but it takes a few months.

The Kong balls are good because they don't have any angles to rip.

Also, if you fill a Kong with peanut butter and freeze it, it will keep your dog busy for a long time.

I went to Petsmart this weekend and found a Nylabone I hadn't see before. It is Black. on the back in fine print it says that if you have your reciept and the bone gets destroyed they will replace it if you send it to Nylabone. So I got one for up to 50lbs which is how much my female Kira weighs and she is the major chewer so we will see.


Just wanted to add a quick "heads up" about the Almost Indestructible Ball. Although we checked it regularly for wear - like we do all toys - Rosie found a way to chew through the 10" ball at the plug and got her lower jaw stuck in it. Took our vet about 30 minutes of careful work with a bone saw to cut the ball away enough to free her up. No broken bones or stitches, but she lost blood flow to a couple of spots on her gums and the tissue is dead. It'll take a little while, but she should heal just fine. When checking for wear - give special attention to the area around the plug. Would not want to see this happen to someone else.

Ouch! That must have been scary. Thanks for the tip on the "Best Ball". My Herman has scratched up the surface, but so far thats the worst of it. I will definitely be checking the inset plug everytime.

I ive my baby the biggest nylabond they have that has the knuckles o one end- this will last up to 2 months she only chews on the side without the knuckles Go Figure.  I also give her rope toys as she can destory a small one from target in about 2 days if she feels likes chewing.  I stay away from Rawhide, its bad for your dogs stomache & cause damage to the lining.  My baby dosent like any toys that smell like rubber so Kongs are out for us.  I have found with my chewer she loves rope & nylabones they done smell.  She also likes pigs ears but it upsets her tummy sometimes.  :-)

I ive my baby the biggest nylabond they have that has the knuckles o one end- this will last up to 2 months she only chews on the side without the knuckles Go Figure.  I also give her rope toys as she can destory a small one from target in about 2 days if she feels likes chewing.  I stay away from Rawhide, its bad for your dogs stomache & cause damage to the lining.  My baby dosent like any toys that smell like rubber so Kongs are out for us.  I have found with my chewer she loves rope & nylabones they done smell.  She also likes pigs ears but it upsets her tummy sometimes.  :-)

Ok this is the most useful toy I have found.  Not only can you let them destroy them, but then you can recylce one you are done.  Aleast I have.  Emply water bottles, without the lids of course.  Not only do they slide across the floor,which means chasing things around, but they make a lot of noise.  Both of my dogs love them.  When I picked out my lab with the breeder, this is what was in the kennels.    

I get big "dog"bone from our farmers market.Even after they chew the meat off, they play and chew the smaller pieces for weeks. Also, I found that kid slippers, the big one with animal heads ect on them work well as tug a war toys.I cleaned my daughters closet and whatever was not used wars for the dogs. The slippers are still in one piece! Raw hide is not good for dogs, I give my dogs the itty bitty ones when I leave the house as a treat not to stay ocupied.

does anyone know of some great interactive toys for my nala... she is 7 months old female...

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