Unexpected lunge/barking...

Submitted by rebeccajoshuaoshea on Fri, 07/16/2010 - 16:55

In our neighborhood we have a couple who have 2 German Shepherds (appear to be purebred). On many walks with our pit bull, we've hoped to have our dogs meet, just so O'Shea continues meeting other dogs in town. While on a walk the other night, we FINALLY saw these beautiful creatures walking our way. Their owner took them to the street (since there was no room on the sidewalk for all of us); we had O'Shea sit while they walked near...and I spoke to the owner, telling him he had beautiful animals, and he commented back that O'Shea was quite the looker himself. After a few seconds, O'Shea snarled and lunged a little on the leash toward the shepherds. We don't know what may have caused him to do this--there was no noise around us, the shepherds were well behaved (staying right by their master's side)...and what was weird is that O'Shea has never barked at another dog (NEVER). We don't know if one was a male and the other female; maybe O'Shea didn't like the male. Thoughts?? Thank you! :)

maybe the female was in season and saw te other male as a threat? sometimes bullies sense things we as there owners just don't sense or see ourselfs

I don't know if your dog is fixed, but mine is 1 1/2 yrs and was not fixed until last week. i told the lady at the animal services that he used to be so good, but out of the blues, he started to act a little aggressive toward other people (not us) she said that dogs can smell a female in her period from 6 miles away and that is why they get a little crazy, that after his surgery, he would start to get back to normal little by little

Yeah, he's fixed. It was just weird how he kind of snarled like that; has never done that before, and hasn't since that time. He's an angel--was just weird. :P

Cezar is 7 yrs. old and is not fixed. I have had a male friend here in the house for almost a month. He dog sat for me, while I was on vacation. The other night, Cezar was sitting on the couch with him. I went to get my cell phone off the couch right under Cezar...he must have thought i was going to hurt my friend. He growled, bared his teeth and grabbed my ear, and side of my head. Bad enough for me to go to the Emergency room. Sooooo now I am not comfortable and do not really trust Cezar at the moment. Contimplating, taking him to have him neutered. Hoping that will help with this agression. He was my sons dog for the first two years of his life. Maybe he just relates better to men. He has shown aggression to me before, but never this bad. HELP....

I would def. get cezar neutered.It will calm him down and make his aggression level a lot lower. One thing i have learned by being around and owning APBT all my life never act or show fear or non trusting behavior toward them. Cezar will sense when you are timid. Just my thoughts hope all goes well.

Perhaps one of the shepherds challenged your pit by a look or body movement. Often times behaviour is subtle where we as humans don't notice. A good excercise might be to see if you and your neighbor can go on walks with your dogs together. Another option when your dog see's other dogs give lots of treats so he see's other dogs as a positive thing.

Hmm; I never even thought of a subtle look as a possibility. We'd love to go on walks with our neighbor dogs; we just don't have many dogs that are direct neighbors...we do have one that is a pit bull/mastiff mix--he's a big boy! :P And our dog seems to like him a lot--wants to play with him. I'll try the treat thing sometime, and hopefully when we see the shepherds again he won't freak out. :)

My Boy dont like german shepherds. three months back I had him outside on his chain and a shepherd had got into are yard my dog is a friendly dog. but that other dog was in my dogs yard and my dog was on his chain and the dog tried to attack my dog. So he dosnt like that breed anymore.

and I've heard that sometimes breeds just won't like each other--or personalities "clash;" just like humans! Haha--we haven't seen the shepherds on walks since that time (not that we've been avoiding each other)...

But it's funny how that is the only time he has ever done that; other dogs (usu. smaller ones) will bark and yip at him, but we simply walk by, with O'Shea turning around a lot, wanting to go meet them. :P

Well, we just saw the shepherds on our nightly walk (ironic, esp. after I just said "we hadn't seen them for awhile on a walk"). The last time they met, just the "daddy" was walking the two, and tonight "mommy" and "daddy" were each walking one (daddy with the male, and mommy with what we believe was a female). The shepherds started the growling/barking first...we walked on the grassy area by the road and the shepherds walked on the sidewalk. I think it was more of a dominance thing--O'Shea has never met a larger dog on walks; all of the other dogs in our town are mostly smaller than him (except for those shepherds).

And this time, O'Shea didn't bark; he just tugged at the leash a bit, whimpering/growling a bit. But the shepherds started the barking and growling first this time. :P We wonder, if the shepherds are at a home with a fence, if they met through the fence. Would that change anything?

I have a 14 month old male shepherd who is not neutered and my 8 month old pitbull who is neutered. They wrestle and chase eachother all the time. When we brought home Raisin he had to be crated due to his kennel cough and medications so that is how the spent the first week just checking eachother out through the crate. Now when one leaves the other crys and paces looking for their buddy. The SPCA trainer said they have different play styles which may cause problems but so far I guess I'm lucky.

My thoughts is to just keep taking Raisin to as many places as I can. We visit Petsmart then PetCo even if not shopping just so he can see people and other dogs. And he pulls sometimes at other dogs. I just redirect his attention with treats and I say "friend" when people or unknown dogs are around. Who knows if it helps but doesnt hurt to try right? = )

We try to take O'Shea everywhere we can, especially to events where there will be other dogs. It's so interesting how he LOVES most other dogs (esp. the small ones, haha), but they are the ones who seem to have an issue first.

I'm hoping that we can walk by the shepherds' house, and maybe see them in that environment...and if the owners are around, maybe we could bring one shepherd out at a time, and have 'em meet? I don't know--I'm not sure how old these shepherds are, either. They seem to be at least a couple years older than O'Shea.