other dogs/my bully

Submitted by MARY MARINEAU on Sun, 07/18/2010 - 04:15

Why is it that people believe that pits are dangerous? Well, my bully got attacked 4 times at this dogpark/park and it wasn't even her who started it but still they say it was her fault no way in hell was it her fault,she did nothin to cause them to attack her it was their owners fault, my bully was wearing her muzzle everytime, not their dogs,she was on a leash, not theirs.Don't like takin her to this park as much anymore,these people are trying to ban pits from the dog park,not fair just not fair at all to her and me i love walking her and takin her to the park,until they realize they are at fault for not making sure that their animal doesn't attack i think our dogs will get along.

Two where pit pups her size the dogs were 1/lab 1/goldenretriver 1/bullmaster,boxer this happen recent with the lab I thought he was going to come thru the gate,always walk her to the gate first to see how they get along but this dog wanted to kill my bullie and his owner just stood there like i caused this and my bullie not true we didn't make her dog lunge after my dog she only reacted to what was goin on. We left went to baseball field,and waited to see if she was leaving or stayin,well she left talkin crap thewhole time,didn't make her leave didn't even say shit to her just left an walked around some but i heard her,not fair,why?

I know what you mean!...we've takin our bully to the dog park plenty of times and as soon as the people see we are coming they leave, or either talk crap...and our bully hasn't even lunged, or barked or anything he dosent even get a chance to show them how well behaved he is. He also has been attacked by a lab and other small little dogs, its funny when small dogs attack our pit the owners think its cute or funny..it drives me nuts! People just love to discriminate....and look for an excuse to ban pit bulls and its no it isnt fair!

Right,it's not fair to our bullies,because the owners of these other dogs think it is funny to see teir dogs attack our's,but it wouldn't be funny if our bullies turned around and bit them back or lunged back at them,then we would have to deal with the police and animal control not them!!!!