New to Denver!

Submitted by Marleys Mom on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 22:32

Hi, we recently moved into the Denver, Colorado area. I know Denver has BSL and goes by a sketchy checklist for considering what a 'pit bull' is. But! Does anyone know of any apartments in the area that will allow my APBT? Or maybe you know someone with rental properties that allows them? We'd like something in the Denver surrounding area, like Brighton, Littleton, etc. Any information would be a big help!

P.S. I'm currently going through the rental list offered by the Dumb Friends League. :)

hope u found something by now and here in the boston area...1 out of 20 apts at best take pits,,,i say shes a lab boxer mix,,,little do they know that would be much worse,,,but pits are so scary...ooooh