HELP with aggression

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/17/2012 - 01:34

i have an indoor pit/lab mix. she is around a year and a half and (usually) listens to human commands. Shes never been aggressive towards other dogs, until recently. Even as a puppy she was extremely territorial but would never really act out. I would take her to the dog park and she would interact with dogs and puppies of all ages without a singler problem. Lately however she seems to be friendly upon meetnig new dogs, but after a few minutes she will do the back leg boxing thing that pits are famous for, and cause a lot of tension between dogs and owners. I cant determine if this is a new found hormonal problem, or something else. We have cats and kittens that she is very very friendly with( a little too friendly because they just try and run away) and a dog that she was around a lot as a puppy she is very friendly with still. Its just new dogs and people that this seems to be happening with.


( as a side note, no one can walk down our alley, get near our cars, or walk near our house without her alerting the neighborhood.)

History : We got her as a six/seven week old puppy from a family that kept her locked up in a room without much affection or attention. She still has terrible seperation anxiety and we've tried herbal drops for that. Even as a puppy she was attentive and sweet, however VERY VERY anxious

any help on this newfound aggression would be very helpful please respond on here or email

thank you so much.