Bad Neighbor Update

Submitted by DizzyBiddy on Sat, 08/13/2011 - 13:54

Greetings!  So, it has been my mission to spread the word of my "good dog" to the neighborhood.  While out on walks with my dog - It's my goal to try and chat with at least one neighbor - of what a good dog I have & how my neighbor stands outside telling passerbys that they should watch out for the bad dog - and don't go near my yard.  So far, I think I've gotten the positive word out to a whole lot of walkers.  I've made a few new, good friends along the way!  I got invited to a Mary Kay make-up party & the dog & I hang out with a different neighbor - sometimes in her backyard :o) Fun ~ Fun!  Anyhow - I learned that the neighbors who bad mouth my dog - have had a lot of scandle in the past - one of their sons was a molester - and the cops found a bunch of porn in that house!  So - what I am trying to say is that I think the "Haters" are real sickos and that them venting hate on our pour helpless dogs - is just the tip of the iceburg ~ for their sickness.  I think that all of you who own a pitbull have a lot of courage and are very brave-compasionate souls!!!