Attacked for being extra responsible with my dog......

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Hi, theres a story of a little boy getting attacked by 4 mastiffs on the news here. I think that had the lady that owned the dogs been watching them it wouldnt have happened. Yes, the boy shouldnt have jumped her fence, but he didnt desearve to be mauled for retreiving his ball Not to mention now theres a good chance the dogs will be euthanized, when they certainly did nothing wrong. I always supervise my pit bull when he is outside to avoid incidents like this, because with discriminated breeds, any incident of biting, justified or not especially biting a child can be used against the breed. And i know there are kids in my neighborhood and that occasionally kids do jump fences.I highly doubt my dog would bite someone but better safe than sorry. Some lady (who owns a rottweiler and should at least see my point if not agree) attacked my comment saying that it is rediculous for me to expect other dog owners to watch their dogs outside. Now, i am a full time mother of a toddler, and i have plenty of time to put in this little extra effort. My extra effort ensures no child or person will be attacked by my dog and therefor my dog will never get quarantined and euthanized. I do this more for my dogs safety than other peoples safety and also because no matter how nice your dog is, if it ever bites a kid for any reason it makes idiots think that breed is vicious. I beleive owners of these breeds should go the extra mile for the good of the breeds. I think i should be commended for being a really good owner but instead im being skewered. I dont get this, opinions.....please And i dont think she should have been watching her dogs for the boys sake, thats his parents job, but she should have for her dogs sake, they wouldnt be seized by animal control right now if she would have.

I would also like to add that my point of this is that I think the first and most basic way your average dog owner can fight breed discrimination is to do everything in your power to ensure your dog never bites anyone. which obviously this lady didnt do. If she owned another breed it would be ok, but i feel incidents like this un-do the work of advocates for the breeds so it kind of makes me mad this happened because i dont want BSL to be passed here now and have myself and other good dog owners to pay for it. And if they ban this breed, pit bulls will be banned too because there are hardly any breed bans that dont include them.

I agree with you. I never leave our puppy outside unattended, and don't plan to when she is an adult. We take the time to socialize her to with kids, adults, and other dogs, but whenever we do so we always watch her. She met our friend's kids for the first time the other night and I made sure to never leave them unattended because even though she is very friendly, I have seen those kids wrestle and jump on top of their dog, I don't want her to end up being punished because she thought she was protecting herself, because they think they can do that to a dog. I even spoke to the kids before letting them meet her on how to treat a dog the right way. There was an incident in our town not too long ago where a baby was "eaten by a pit bull"...where were the parents, they were showering together...I am not happy that their child was "eaten", but who leaves their infant in their living room completely unattended with any breed of dog? It is people that make poor decisions, something happens involving their dogs, and then people say that breed is vicious. Keep up the good work you are doing!

Thankyou! good to hear someone agrees. I seriously got treated hella rude for saying that by so many ppl. And wow thats really sad. But even leaving the dog out of it, who leaves an INFANT alone in a room for a long period of time to take a shower anyway? thats horrible. I was an after bedtime shower-er when my boy was small like that. And he never is left alone with kudo. I go upstairs to start a load of laundry, the dog comes upstairs too. It isnt even difficult, at least with my dog after being called to come upstairs a 100 times he follows me around the house automatically now. The people that attacked me for saying that, i feel bad for their dogs, It only takes like 5 minutes to stand outside and watch your dog while they do their buisness, these owners cant sacrifice 5 mins? They mustn't spend much time with their dogs if 5 mins is asking too much. Not only that but where i live i always see adds in the paper that someones dog got stolen. I dont understand some people. All i know is i bet theyd be singin a different tune if their kid jumped into my yard and was fine cuz i was out there.

You are both so right. I love our breed so much and I fell I'm part of a smart and elite group of dog owers that get it. The sad part is a handful of bad apples make the whole breed suffer, and the media doesn't help every dog attack is a pit bull. How do they know what type of breed it is are they Dog experts, or they go off what the guy down street thinks it is? WOW. My Scooby is very friend with everyone but I still watch him, because even if he jumps on someone he can hurt them. Guys keep up the good fight this breed is too great to let stupid people ban them.

Thankyou, im glad so many people agree. As an update to prove our opinion on this subject, the dogs were released less than a week ago back to their owners (i was very surprised) but however yesterday these same dogs are back on the news for escaping and attacking a lady while walking her dog. And now they are most definatly getting put down. I feel like crying those dogs deserved better owners. I wish they could find a rescue instead of putting them to sleep. I hope the owner gets jail time. I knew they sounded like crappy owners and this is a big fat "told you so" to all the idiots who said i was wrong for saying that. Keep being obsessivly responsible people! your dogs thank you for it!

I also agree with you. I get a lot of flack for being "over-protective" with my baby - Tank.. who is now 11. I've been that way since I got him at 6 weeks old. He's now 110 lbs..He is ALWAYS watched when outside.. even though we have a 6' privacy fence. When I leave, he is secured in my room with no access to the windows(he doesn't like the crate anymore-bad hips). I consider myself a very responsible pet owner. I commend you for being one, too.

thankyou. I would like to thank all of you for your support in this matter. I was starting to think maybe i was just off my rocker or something, but whatever, thanks to you guys, all the thumbs downs im gettiing on the news forums for stating these things dont bother me at all anymore. They can think what they want, im starting to think the vast majority of people just dont like hearing the truth. I just hope the bull mastiff doesnt wind up in the same position reputation-wise that our beloved pit bulls are in now. No dog deserves that. But lately at least in my local area it seems as if the majority of dogs bite stories has shifted from pits to bull mastiffs. Which is sad, how many dog breeds do people have to attempt to destroy before they figure out the real problem? Like if you have 50 failed relationships, at some point you have to consider maybe the problem is you. The same logic should be applied here. People are the problem, not dogs.

I am a veterinary tech, obedience trainer for obedience,search & rescue,disabled people and k-9s,public speaker/k-9 educator,plus animal behaviorist.
I agree with you on being a responsible dog owner (which goes for any breed)! I do completly hold parents responsible of child who climbs over a fence to climb in with dogs. Just as well as the owners why were the parents not watching the child?
I do say that as a parent,pit owner,german shepherd owner & daschaund owner! I am shocked at a variety of posts I have read a few of such as labs are not agressive... Now for most part that is a breed not known for agression but,professionally I have
Delt with many agressive labs!!!!
My small dog will also try to attack my large german shepherd, whose head is as big as her whole body,b/c I tell people most dogs are nothing more than a big dog trapped in a little dogs body!
Several years ago your #1 biting dog was a dalmation,the cute lovable spotted fire house mascot.
See pics of my dogs on facebook you can look up by email
Or christy kelley northport,al!!

Also I highly commend a responsible owner! We need more! I will not hide my pit puppy I bring her out for children to play with, etc.. When parents ask breed I tell them and then follow up with professional expertise, which I am able to do, and with
My reputation I do not receive negative comments nor do they make kids move! If your dog is socialized proper, well behaved, not aggressive to kids, adults and or animals, on leash never allow people intimidate one to not have dog in public! No matter WHAT breed
There are many breeds that require a certain type owner.
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I know this was wrong place too for this post.

we had a couple mastiff stories here in the northwest. when i heard about the attacks that had happened, the very first thing i ask was "where were the owners?" the yard was fenced,but this was the second time they gotten out and attacked someone. so now its up to the city of Seattle to deal with whats going to be done. if they had been monitored and their owners been out there with them it would never had happened. i don't understand why its hard for some doggie parents to be responsible owners and just do right by their pets. my babies are always with us when they got outside no matter what. they never go off leash unless they are in the dog park or with us in the house. they never run the yard unless we are out there with them.

just don't make sense.

Yeah same here. I dont allow kudo out of my sight for even a second when he is outside. Not that i think he'd ever bite anyone even if they were breaking in or something, i highly doubt he would, but just to be on the safe side you kno? I think we are talking about the same two news stories. The little 9 yr old boy and the lady walking her dog? I live in washington too, but a couple hundred miles north of seattle. And yeah the yard was fenced but it was wood, If i were ever going to leave my dogs outside unsupervised (which im not) it wouldnt be enclosed in a wood fence. Dogs can break and or dig under wood fences, especially dogs of that size. Im glad to hear all you fellow agree-ers lol I was starting to think i was the only one that felt this way.

yup. same stories. lol. naw. you are soooo not alone... i live in Tacoma. my mom is an AKC judge, and even SHE has had to deal with the labels that a given to certain dogs. not the animal as an individual, but the breeds as a whole. i think too, that a lot of how a pet acts is on the owner. not the dog. yeah, some dogs are just wired wrong. breeding, disposition, just not OK in the head because of the breeding background, NOT the breed itself. the AKC is a strong voice in the pure breed realm, but also in the dog world as well i think. hell, i was attacked by a basset when i was 2, so, its all about the breeding background and how they are wired. sounds weird but in most cases its true. A LOT is the owners deal though. Being an attentive pet parent. Knowing where your dog is, and what they are doing. making sure that if you KNOW that your dog is aggressive that you keep that dog on a short leash. those poor dogs are labeled now, just like pits were and dobermans and rotties too...and all that owner had to do was watch their dogs.

Yeah i live in mount vernon so its a bit farther from seattle than you are. I agree. I just dont get why people are ok with breed bans, what makes them think their breed of choice wont be next? The pit bull was once americas family dog, so whos to say in a couple decades people wont be labeling golden retrievers as vicious and trying to ban them too? Have you read any of the comments on that news story? some of them are just awful. Im almost amused with all the people that disagree with me, and tell me im wrong. I dont want those dogs to get euthanized but i also dont think the owner should get them back this time. I wish they'd find them new homes. I dont think that mentally unstable dogs should even be a part of conversations, when you talk about society as a whole and what people do, you dont say things like, "well some people are mentally unstable" When people talk about a breed and it being bad or not it should be about the normal members of said breed. I just wish there would come a day where i can walk my dog without getting a trillion dirty looks and having people walk out of their way to avoid us. I wish people would love him as much as he loves them.