ant problem! help!!

Submitted by jenrosales on Wed, 08/25/2010 - 11:29

so im having a really big problem with pesky ants!!! as soon as i put out my dogs food bowl a few minutes later its coverd in ants! dogs wont go anywhere near it, and its a waste of food...which isnt cheap! i also started noticing ants inside and around there water bowl!! (i thought ants were scared of water?) :/ so does anyone know what i can do??....ill try anything!

thank you!!! <3

I had this problem w/ my cat food so I put a smaller bowl inside a larger bowl full of water. Ants would drown in the water and not make it to the cats food. Im sure there is some specialty store out there that sells a bowl w/ a water mote but worth trying to improvise w/ what you have at home. I have also heard ants don't like coffee grounds cuz they are bitter and to put them in the yard to deter them. I have not tried it since I don't like coffee but again can't hurt to try.

I found this online as well. Sez ants dont like mint oil.

thank you so much!! i tried putting the dog bowls in a larger bowl with water and the ants try to get to the food, but cant! so it worked yay!!! lol