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Submitted by zylogz80 on Mon, 07/11/2011 - 13:52

Hi All,

Today I will be picking up my new family member: a 3 year old female pit from the wake county SPCA. I've been reading this website and others like crazy preparing and am excited to start life with a pit. I know she'll be great.

As a noob I'm sure I'll have some questions so I decided to join this community so I have other folks to talk to about my new girl. I am definitely not the stereo-typical "pit bull person" but I'm quickly learning by reading this and other sites that all of the pit related stereotypes are wrong for the breed as well as the people. I didn't specifically seek out a pit. I knew I wanted an adult dog because they have more trouble getting adopted and puppy's are a little too spazzy for me. I also knew I wanted a dog with a good temperament and one who was good with cats. All of the folks at the SPCA said the same thing: I had to meet Cassie. Cassie is 3 and was in captivity as part of a back yard breeder operation. She was seized by animal control and turned over the the SPCA. She's been through training and fostered with families with cats and other dogs. She's beloved by the SPCA staff but because she's an adult pit they've had a lot of trouble adopting her out. People just see her or hear "pit bull" and walk away. I was open to it though. She seems like a really wonderful dog and the word of the people who have cared for her for the better part of a year means a lot more to me than rumors and hype.

Anyway, I pick her up tonight. I'm sure I'll be posting on here a lot. I'm so excited!

Thanks all and nice to meet you!


well, as far as "spazzy" goes, pits of all ages have that somewhere in their description, but they are great family dogs, and love anything and everything related to their ppl. It sounds like you've done your homework as far as what to expect from them, and I hope that your family enjoys your new addittion as you seem to :). Always remember, though, you might think you adopted a 60 lb. pitbull, but you really adopted a 60 lb. chihuahua. No matter how big they get, they never believe that they aren't lap dogs!

Thanks for the reply!

I know she'll have plenty of energy and need lots of love and attention but I just meant as far as I wont have to deal too much with puppy problems like destructive behavior and house training. Adopting an adult was very appealing to me for those reasons :)

I'm counting down the minutes! 1 hour until I get to pick her up!

Make no mistake, you are about to be inducted into an elite circle.  The hazing will involve lots of lickings, a few rounds of tug-o-war, LOTS of walking, a little bit of crying because somebody ate your dessert or one of your favorite shoes, and lots of laughing because that somebody is now so sorry she's ready to cheer you up by stealing your seat on the couch!  You may be able to avoid the chewing part, but the rest, it's inevitable (even if she doesn't need to cheer you up, she'll still steal your spot on the couch.)  If you pass the test, you will be a proud owner of a Pit Bull Terrier and you will never be able to go back to life as it was before.  There are no stereotypes here, we all have one thing in common, a soft spot for the underdog, pardon the expression.  As an elementary school teacher, I have started enjoying the crazy looks I get when I say I have a pit at home, with my kids.  I take each look and put it away because I've decided they are looks of admiration because I had the courage to ignore what "everybody" says and make my own decision about the breed.  Grow a thick skin, people are agressive, and take time every day to enjoy the dog that somebody else threw away. Best of luck.  Look forward to stories of the new addition. :)

The best advise I ever got about pits was that I should always have my camera handy, because just when you think they've done the weirdest thing they can possibly come up with, they prove you wrong. They are very smart, and insanely creative! Lillie was under 6 mos. when she chewed up my hubby's leather wallet. Not really weird, except she took out all the cards, and pics, and ate only the leather, she even separated the leather from the cloth inside. I would have been mad, if I wasn't marveling at the fact that she took everything out. Just the other day, she came up with a new one. She has a bed-it's really just a huge pillow,but she's very picky about where she sleeps,and prefers the smallest cat bed she can possibly cram herself into(I have pics in my profile for proof)- and I'm sure we've all heard of the princess and the pea, well, that is my dog. She has always "nested" and that process lasts anywhere from 10 mins. to half an hour, well, she has a new way to fix her bed. She stands on one side while she pulls the other sides the way she wants them, and goes around and around until she's satisfied that it is right. Then, while still standing on the sides to keep them from falling down, she quickly plops herself down, making sure nothing has come out as she's plopping. Then she repeats this process for whatever amount of time is necessary to get it just right. While all this is going on, my husband and I are laughing histerically. Heaven forbid one of the corners comes out, because the princess and the pea will not sleep if she doesn't have her bed, and it's not exactly perfect. No, she will sit up and cry until she gets it perfect. Also when she was really young, and was coming to the grooming shop where I work, she got in trouble a few times, and my boss(and cousin) made her go into a kennel. Lillie is a bit over dramatic, even still, and once she was shoved into the kennel, she started to huff and puff, she was making so much noise, and when we checked on her, she was literally blowing he cheeks out puffing, because she was mad! It was the funnist thing I have ever seen any dog do! So you might want to work on yelling at the dog, even when you can't yell cause you're laughing so hard you're peeing your pants. It will happen, these dogs are clowns, and they're also big babies, and will pull out the sad eyes, and the pouty face whenever they think they can play you! And, I agree, once these dogs ram their way into yor heart, you'll never look back. They are amazing, and you'll have the time of you life being with them. Enjoy, and remember to keep that camera handy! Also, you may wanna check out www.pbrc.com , under "pet pitbull", "pitter patter", and www.pitbullsontheweb.com "inspirations". They also have magazines all about pits as a breed, and for training these breeds-and we all know they require some special training,cause they're so smart, and so creative. The best part is that they bond so closely with their ppl. that you'll have the best friend you could ever want, but never would have thought to ask for.

Ha ha!!  That's funny!  Kaos has figured out how to open candy wrappers.  His favorite candies are the red and white pinwheel mints.  He'll pick them out of a bag, then a few minutes later, spits out the wrapper and crunches the mint.  He's also had to sleep with his head on a pillow since he was little, tiny.  If there's not one available, he will find something, even if it's just a piece of paper, to lay his head on.  No doubt about it, they are great entertainers!!!

Okay so this was completely my fault, but it didn’t make me happy that she did what she did LOL I had a half gallon jug of milk that was pretty much empty and passed its expiration date. Building up to the 4th of july neighborhood block party I was in and out of my house and in and out of my refrigerators, (they were back up storage for drinks and food), a lot in a rush each of the days. Instead of throwing the plastic jug in the trash which was closer I put it on the floor in the utility room. The jug bowed out and slightly cracked giving off a spoiled milk smell. You know dogs if it smells horrible they are all over it. Well I came home one day and in my bedroom she had torn the jug to shreds. My fault completely I’m grown and know to throw stuff away properly…. Still I wasn’t happy. I didn’t scold her though just realized I was the dummy.

Just a quick question...I am in an 'argument conversation' a woman told me that pit bulls and American staffs are not at all the same dog...I think she is wrong...who is right? Me or her? lol  any answers would be great!

Just a quick question...I am in an 'argument conversation' a woman told me that pit bulls and American staffs are not at all the same dog...I think she is wrong...who is right? Me or her? lol  any answers would be great!

In a sense you are both correct.  You are correct because they are both decendent from the same set of dogs.  The AmStaf is a decendent of the same gene pool as a true APBT, the only difference is in the registration.  The AKC does not recognize "Pit Bulls" as being a specific breed.  The AmStaf is very similar, though more selectively bred and with SLIGHTLY different breed standads.  Howeve, AmStafs can, in fact, be double registered with other registries, such as the United Kennel Club, AS PITS, but Pits (even if they are pure bred and have papers from another registry,) can not be reistered with the AKC as AmStafs.  They are essentially the same genetically though.  The owners and breeders of AmStafs would argue that thier breed is different than an APBT because they have different breed standards, but, for anybody but those showing AmStafs, that's just a formality.  I guess, in the long run, all dog breeds have worked the same though; they are selectively bred until they are genetically different from the breed from whence they orriginated.  So, who knows, maybe in the future AmStafs will be a very unique and separate breed from APBTs'.  But, leaning to your side, I do not believe that is currently the case.  Currently, both breeds are decendents from the same gene pool and there is not enough difference genetically for them to be considered entirely separate from one another.  Most of the difference lies in how their parents were registered.  In fact, the AKC didn't even recognize a difference up untill 1936.  On the other end of the argument, both the APBT and AmStafs are very different from their English cousins, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It most defiantly wont take you long to have funny stories. I had the great benefit of having a letter from her previous foster family that told me what to expect and how great of a dog she is. They are wonderful dogs. They are fun and goofy like you wouldn’t believe. Layla stares at me a lot which unnerved me in the beginning but now I just see that its her thing. That’s usually followed by her wallerin all over me, pawing my face and then cuddling. At any rate im sure you will enjoy being a pit owner.