2nd pups?

Submitted by ruffimapup on Tue, 09/14/2010 - 22:56

i have a 3yr old pit, lab, chow, shepard mix from a rescue in detroit. we are thinking of getting another pup. Ruff Im A Pup is a fixed male and well behaved. would i be better off getting a male or female companion with him?

well we went to a shelter and were gonna rescue another pit/lab mix
hes gonna be sweet!

well the animal welfare society in madison heights turn me down for a lab/pit mix

they said because i life in detroit i cannot own a pit mix because they have rules. which infact they dont have rules. and if they did have rules against owing this breed it would violate state law and constitutional rights.

i was also told that "it would be a problem" that i dont have a fenced in back yard. but when i got there to pick up the pup it was an issue.

i have adopted/rescued pits in detroit and never have had any problems from anyone

guess they arent really for the cause of helping the animals. would recommend supporting this organization

Wow I would report that! That's crazy. I know when I
Adopted Ace which he's a full pit from my local humane society they had to do a meet and greet with my other dogs and I had to show proof of insurance coverage and have a home evaluation before he could come home with me. I live in Ohio and we have BSL here and yes it truley violates constiutional rights and they are trying to fix that now but it sucks. I did everything to make sure I could get him and I did. What they did was wrong I would report them if you could.