1987 Sports Illustrated Cover Article

Submitted by amberc922 on Fri, 10/29/2010 - 10:28

I finally found the atricle that Sports Illustrated did on July 27,1987. I was apawled by the cover picture. I can't believe that a reputable magizine would do such a thing. I get so mad when I see things like this. I was watching a show the other day and say a teaser for the Dayton 7 news and they were doing a story on pits and the law in Ohio not being enforced. So I of course recorded it to see what they had to say because they are about an hour and half south of me. The story orginated from a lady being attacked while walking her dog and her dog died. She was only bitten in the leg. Anyways that dog I don't believe was a pit but of that nature. Then they interviewd a political offical and he believe it or not stood up for the breed. Saying it's the owners not the dogs. I almost jumped off the couch to run up and kiss my TV LOL. But it was amazing to hear someone in politics actually defend this breed and say law enforcement needs to be looking at the owners and how they treat them.


Agreed! The only thing I feared when getting a Pit was the big Target she had on her! And she has a better behavior than most peoples kids! Any dog can be raised vicious! Even my mosquito of a Min Pin. Owners do need to take responsibility for their dogs' actions. They are raising them! Do it right! About the magazine, do you have a link to that article? It would be interesting to look into it.

I searched Archived Sports Illustrated on google and it gave me
sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/. Thru other research I found it was in 1987 so I looked up 1987 issues and found it. You can't miss it the cover is horrible. You can then read the artilces in that issue and I printed it. Its 6 pages printed. But I have to say after reading the article it is pretty good. It's not what you expect after seeing the cover. There are a lot of quotes standing up for the breed and the history of the breed and saying its the owners.


This is the full link to the article. It was a very interesting read. It amazes me that in 23 years, societies outlook is still very similar. I agree that the cover is misleading. The story is more factual than not. The writer did his research for sure. It kind of upsets me though. Every owner is responsible for training their dog properly and making sure it is a civilized dog. I have found a new passion from adopting Katara. I promise that I will never let her become what so many people believe she is. She's not a monster. Thank you for sharing this article.