Dog Park Drama

Submitted by CadenandBoogersMom on Fri, 07/09/2010 - 23:20

My oldest APBT Caden is so good, he loves to meet new dogs but is so abrasive that others do not want to play with him. Anyone with this issue? I am really at a stand still. He just does this loud annoying scream. Please help, any tips will work.

You may want to try setting up play dates with other dogs with similar playing styles.

LOL I know what you mean about the scream. Beastley does it too. We even had the sheriff's show up at our house because someone thought we were abusing our dogs and they were screaming in pain. Of course this wasn't true, pits are known to scream and he was playing with is almost industructable ball and rope. We had to show the sheriff's so they could see what was happening. They laughed and left.
I agree with Zr setting up play dates with similar dogs may help. Is your dog muzzled? If not try that until the other dogs get used to him. When he is abrasive, make a loud noise (sounding painful) then remove him from play time for a few minutes. Pits learn fast and it may take a few times but be consistant and he will learn if he is rough he loses playtime. Good Luck.

Pit Bulls do NOT belong at dog parks! Especially muzzled! Do not bring your Pit Bull to the dog park. End of story. There's plenty of other things to do with your dog.

That is an obnoxious thing to say. My Samson loves the dog park and everyone who meets him there loves him and compliments on how well behaved he is compared to all the other dogs. If you are having trouble with your dog at the park, you may want to do a little training with him first. There are plenty of great training tips on this website.

On a friendly pit bull forum to say that pit bulls do not belong at dog parks, end of story, is a big obnoxious.

I came here for support and advice about my pit bull, not harsh critism about what i should/shouldn't do with him.

I don't really think any dog belongs at a dog park, dog parks seem to be places people bring their dogs so they don't have to watch them while they talk and drink coffee.

I used to take my dog to the dog parks when he was a puppy and all the other bigger dogs pushed him around and he would always go belly-up. When he got bigger and played with the other dogs the owners did not like it. My dog was kicked out of every dog park in the area. I came to realize that a lot of times "dog people" are usually the worst and they usually are the first to discriminate towards pitbulls. I read also pitbulls should not be in dog parks so now bruno goes for 3 walks a day or 2 walks and running with me. I think he likes it better and he gets to play catch at home with my boyfriend.

I had great luck socializing my pup with play dates with other bully breeds so they could play rough; boxers and pits mostly.

It is a PITBULL...these dogs do not belong in dogparks. My girl is well trained but I would never put her in a situation with bad owners of other dogs. Remember no matter how much you raise them to be social these dogs have been bred to be the way they are. Yes trainning helps but the other side of the coin is what genetic traits the parents have. In the case of a dog from a shelter you will never know the history of dogs back ground. That being said you are better off getting a dog that is a year old as you know what you are going to get temperment wise. But never let your gard down these dogs require a firm but fair owner. My dog gets 3-4 mile walks in the morning and at night these are working dogs they need a job to do. Another thing is just because a dog is agressive towards other dogs dosen't make them bad just will require more work. Genetics plays a huge role you could have dogs who's parents were great dogs but the gradsire was a manbiter that trait skips generations do to ressesive genes. Sorry for the long post and derailing the thread alittle.

Look, ther is no dog like the APBT and never will be! You must be patient with these animals at all times and you will be rewarded greatly. My newest puppy has the persona of someone that has been here before. He hates to be held, on the furniture, and harrassed. but at the sametime, he is a ball of energy when we go outdoors. Try other APBT and see how that works out for you. sometimes your own kind is the only kind!

Wow with all the hating of pits in dog parks. My pit was raised in the dog park in SoCal. On any given day there would be 30+ dogs there. Sure there were owners who let their dogs off leash and then didn't pay attention; that's why I paid attention. If Sasha got too rough she'd get a time out. Because she has a high pain tolerance she puts up with a lot more play abuse than most others dogs would. But if another dog growls at her she submits and mouth licks. I know that she is a pit, and that it is my responsibility to protect others from her and her from others. She knows I'm the pack leader, and she listens. If there were any doubts in my mind I wouldn't take her, but she's been attacked by other dogs before and immediately submitted. She didn't even try to defend herself. I know my pit inside and out and am a vigilant and responsible owner. I'm very sorry for you, BigRedTJ and bullypaws, that you don't share the bond with your dogs that I have with mine. I also don't have a huge, muscled "impressive" pitbull. I have a petite boxer-build 53lb dog. Other owners are not intimidated by her and she doesn't feel the need to "muscle" her way around.

I am sorry for you Armywife you have an accident waiting to happen.....I do have a really strong bond with my dog and BullyPaws is a rescue and they know a whole lot more about the breed then you give them credit for. I have met them many times and been to several of their addoptions. Now I have had these dogs sense my dad had them when he was little in Mississippi before moving to VA. That being said the most dangerous owner of these dogs is the one who is blind to what these dogs can do when put in a a dogpark. I suggest you check out Diane Jessups site as well as read some of Richard Strattons books hard to find, but they are out there if you really wanna understand the breed...these are not labs or poodles they require work. did you watch the episode where ceaser millan put to pits together and they locked on to each other??? I really hope you read those books and do some research I don't want to lose my right to keep my dog because I read about another inccident.

Keep telling yourself your a perfect dog owner. Its people that say things like that that make other afraid of the breed. So you refer to Ceaser which he never talks down about pits and there you go talking down about pits because the dog owners were irresponsable in that episode. No one is perfect! But Jumping to a rude defense of the breed is not that answer. I know smaller dogs that do more damage than my dogs could ever do. RELAX!

So what you're saying is you shouldn't socialize your Pit? That makes no sense. Decisions like yours are exactly how Pit's become unsocial and aggressive. I agree that they are working dogs and need to be in a routine, but you are contributing to the discrimination of the breed. I know from experience that socializing your Pit, especially in dog parks, is an opportunity to change someone's mind about the breed. I am aware that it is my responsibility to ensure my dog is behaved and respectful of other dogs/people in the parks but that goes for all owners of every type of breed. I know you mean well but you're definitely contributing to the fear of the breed.

I am new to pits, we rescued Bailey who was abused by her breeders, we believe she was training to fight. We showered her with tons of love, touching, playing, and socializing.What an absolutely wonderful pet she is today! Even better, she did not lose that pit ornery side of herself. So, when the nephew's pit had pups we had to go look! Yep now we have
Having 3 is challenging at times, but the rewards are well worth it, they are such funny dogs with personality plus. HOwever owning a Pit takes respondsibility, they just don't get away with what other breeds do!

I like posts like this. I know what you mean my making you laugh. My first pit was Kira she is about 1 1/2yrs now. She has her own personality which has become some what more serious now. She cracks me up when I talk to her and she looks at you like she is going to answer you. She will give me the huff or whimper and I just laugh at her. Ace is my baby boy. He is a rescue who was raised the first year of his life in the humane society. He clung to me like glue when I got him home. He is the funniest dog ever and he literally smiles all the time. When I get home from work its play time for the night. We have "mommy time" where we go into my bedroom and play and wrestle around usually I loose with the kisses and end up soaked in slobers lol. They love it. It is their special time with me one on one. I try to do it as much as I can. I have them trained with water bottles. If they start to act up all I have to do is grab that bottle and bam the sit right down and look around like what I wasn't doing anything. So when we are outside and they get way to rough the garden hose is used and it doesn't ever even have to be turned on and they calm right down. That didn't work to well for my mom and her pit cause she loves water. You can spray her in theface and she's like yeah give me more come on. She's like a lab with water absolutly halarious!

I am in no way telling people to be afraid I just would love for people to do there research before getting these types of dogs...again so my point is clear genetics DOES play a role and it is not all in how you raise them. Yes it helps curb canine aggression but won't be the solution. This is not an attack I was not the one accusing someone of having a "tough" macho dog. I am just trying to get through to some people to please do your research. These dogs were bred this way for hundreds of years you just can't train it out of them but you can curb it. Just be responsable.

I am a responsible owner, and I'm familiar with the breed. Thank you BigRedTJ for your concern, but I certainly don't need you to feel sorry for me. I did my research, and that's why I got her. I picked the shyest, quietest puppy in the litter because I knew she'd have a great temperament. I'm aware that they were bred to hunt, to have an instinct to lock on and not let go. I am well aware that if she wanted to, my dog could literally EAT another dog. But she's never in a situation where she feels the need to. Taking her to the dog park isn't a "situation". When another dog gets crazy she looks at me (literally) for guidance. I'm her pack leader and she waits for me to make a move in every situation of our day to day lives. That said, I am always on the look out for problems. ALWAYS! I am one step ahead of her at all times when we are out in public because it is my job to see an issue before it's an issue. I know that. I have removed her from a dog park once because another dog was making her nervous. I have leashed her at a dog park once because she was playing too rough with a puppy. I know her limits and her body language; I know the look in her eye when she sees something I haven't, and in these situations I correct her immediately. I don't appreciate you accusing me of risking your ability to own a pitbull. That's just rude. I also don't appreciate you telling me that I haven't done my research, because I have. I also have a degree in Animal Behavior Management, and have worked at dog training facilities. If I can train a hyena, bobcat, raccoon, etc to trust me and obey me(which I have) then I'm pretty sure I have what it takes to own a pitbull. But thanks so much for your concern...

First off you were the one to go after me... that being said good for you :).....Now as far as shy and withdrawn puppies the are all yours, as that is not what a well bred pitbull puppy should be. I train dogs as well personal protection, obedience, french ring, ect...I never said YOU did not do YOUR research. I said PEOPLE need to do their research. I noticed alot of people on here get really upset if someone has an opinion that differs from theirs...well too bad cry me a river. So we are cleardog parks are STILL a bad idea.

It makes no matter what breed it is...a pitbull or a chihuahua...everybody should do research before getting a dog. The only bad thing about doing "research" for a pit, is that a lot of the "findings" out there are one sided...supposedly they are all such terrible, brutal dogs. In most scenarios, research has shown that dog bite victims almost always say it was a pit that attacked them without knowing for sure. I have to agree with Armywife on this one. I know the "look." I know when to remove Murphy from a situation, I get the same look from my dog, Sasha (chow-sharpei mix.) I rescued Murphy last february who was thrown from a car. He was abused, malnourished, and very afraid of new people. He has turned into the most loyal companion...which proves how this breed of dog can bounce back from such a terrible experience. He is smart, he knows silent hand commands. He LOVES children, and other dogs. Every vet or trainer I have ever talked to about the breed has told me that they are wonderful dogs....BigRed, I would think you would know that. I take my dogs EVERYWHERE with me...Holidays, fairs, camping, parties, dog parks...never ONCE have I had an issue with him being aggressive. The one time I tried putting him in a fenced in back yard at a party, he put his paws through the fence and acted as though he was stuck, whimpering and crying. When we opened the gate to free him, he pulled his paws out and ran into the area where all the people were, and layed down...content. He just wanted to be included in the activities. Sounds like SOMEBODY needs to do some research, and quit buying into all of the one sided findings out there.

Rollergrrl I am so glad I'm not the only one that is annoyed with Big Red's posts. Doesn't it seem like he is a poor advocate for the breed when all he does is say how dangerous they are and NO ONE does their research. I have looked at most of these posts and read his and the funny thing is they are ALL negative. It is funny how he thinks that people are getting mad because of his opinions do agree with some but they don't agree with ALL and after reading the same repeat crap over and over you would think he would just SHUT UP about it. I agree with you and Armywife completely. Regardless of poor breading or not I resuced my one pit from the humane society and the other I got from a friend. It sounds as though he is SUCH A GOOD trainer/owner that he can't take the challenge of a troubled dog LOL. Oh well maybe oneday he will get over himself and post something postive. LOL

Well rollrrgrl I have raised these dogs all my life never said they are BAD dogs but genetics plays a role and some dogs can't be cured of dog aggression just the way it is. Now if you mean me by SOMBODY you are sadly mistaken I have seen the victims of dog fighting while working at a vet and some not all can be rehabilitated. Dog aggression is not the only reason I don't agree with dog parks. Viruses worms parasites all can be transmited at dog parks. Not every dog does well in dogpark settings you have a lot of people breeding unsound dogs together and that is why we have such bad media on the breed. Check out Diane Jessups site on pitbulls then tell me I don't know what I am talking about as far as APBT are concerned I have owned these dogs long before most of the general public they are not for everyone so do YOUR research.

Amber...where to begin my post are not negative they are to caution new owners as to what can potentially happen. Amber have you ever had to break up a yard fight I mean a serious fight, dogs bleeding tearing into each other? I have not my dogs but two strangers who had no clue what a break stick is or how to use one. Just because your "puppies" have never got into it dosen't mean it can't happen. Now speaking of negative post I was honored you dedicated time to start a whole thread about me. Which you ranted and raved like a 2 year old because people have differing opinions. But it is nice to know you are stalking all my post I didn't know you cared take care. :)

I have done my research, and Murphy is proof of that. I don't buy into the crap. You are ignorant. You shouldn't be on a pro pit site talking all of these negative things about the breed. As far as viruses, worms, parasites...not a problem if you CARE FOR YOUR DOG. You are one of the people adding to the problem not the solution. Yes, certain breeds have certain quirks. However, I am a firm believer that if you treat your dog right, they will be good to you. Chows are supposed to be mean dogs as well. Sasha, my chow mix has NEVER attacked or bitten anyone. I rescued her because she was a bait dog used in a fighting ring. So according to your theory, both Sasha and Murphy should not have been able to be rehabilitated. Another example, Mastiffs were you used for fighting back in the days of the was a trait BRED INTO THEM. But now, they are known as one of the best house dogs to have. I believe while, nature plays a role, nurture plays a HUGE role in how a dog turns out after traumatizing experiences. In my opinion, you don't deserve to own such a wonderful breed of dog. You CANNOT be pro pit, yet warn others not to rescue them. What makes you a better pit owner than anybody else on this site?

I will say once again warning someone to do research about a breed of dog is not bad press as you would have it....Now me not deserving to own this breed...I have owned these dogs all my life and I think I have a good grasp on the breed Sport :). I never said I was better nor did I set out and attack anyone as several PEOPLE on here have of me. Now Mastiffs in Romean times were bred to be dogs of war and were used in the colussium, but the were refured to as Mossular dogs(italian strain Cane corsa deceneded from these dogs). True Mastiffs I think you are referencing old english and not neopalitain or filas were bred to stop and HOLD poachers not fighting as you describe they were the night watchmans dog. Their is this wonderful thing called freedom of speech it exist in this place called America their was a big war fought over it. Oh and I never said I was better then anyone I just do my research. I love the personal attacks and that you think I am ignorant :) I was wondering if you are going to be stalking my post as well. :)

Wow. I think ya'll need to just shut the -f- up and grow up. This is immature. Fighting over the internet is like the special olympics - it's retarded and NO ONE ever wins.

People have opinions. They will always differ. Grow up and accept advice and criticism for what it is; someone's take on the topic at hand.

I'm not taking sides, and this isn't grade school anymore. This is an internet forum for people to get constructive criticism, advice and help. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

psalmopoeus...what do you know about pits? i would be interested in knowing...

I have raised APBTs, I currently have an APBT that I've raised from a puppy and I also have an underlying education in sociology and psychology, as well as animal psychology and animal behavior. I've owned dogs all of my life and have done animal behavior assessment as well as dog training.

As far as extensive genetics goes with dogs, I know barely enough to get me by, but I'm still learning as I don't readily have access that goes that far in-depth on the subject. With pits, bloodlines (and not just how the dog is raised and socialized) play a huge part in a dog's underlying personality.

My post wasn't to raise cane - this constant bickering's stupid. This is an internet forum and needs to be treated as such. It's not for name-calling and an "I know more than you" attitude.

It's for helping people.

Psalmopoeus, I agree with you on the site is to help pit owners. Not to force negitive information. I hate the I know more than you attitude. Which mentioned above some on here think they have. Most people on here are educated on thier dogs it they aren't then they ask simple questions for advice, which is what this site is for! I agree and disagree on the bloodline having a personality of the dog but to each his own. I just watched the new episode of Dogs 101 on the Animal Planet and they had experts speak on the dogs and they did a great job explaining the breed.


Thanks for updateing about Dogs101! I hadn't seen they were doing a show on the pibbles! Now I have to go set the dvr for the next time its on. Thanks again!!!!

Caden is great with all dogs. I don't think there has ever been a dog that he hasn't gotten along with. I most likely won't be bringing him to the dog park, as my husband just thinks it's too much of a risk, since people are so "ugh" about the breed. For those who suggested I walk him rather than dog park, I do, everyday twice a day.

Wow.. Well to Caden's mom: I enjoy the dog park with my pit. We are lucky to have this area in a massive conservancy with ponds, trails, and open fields as opposed to a fenced block of grass in the middle of a concrete jungle. We go there as a treat and not as routine. It takes continual training to prepare for this adventure. During our routine walks, anytime another dog or person passes us, I have her sit. She has to remain calm or she will be corrected. If she persists, then she must lay down. Usually when strangers see my control over her, they are less likely to be fearful and allow their dog to say hello (it also sparks conversation and the awareness spreads). This prepares her to remain submissive to every dog and person alike. When we get to the dog park, before we go inside, we walk around the entrance until she is calm then we proceed inside leashed. I enforce the same procedure as my routine walks as this ensures not only my control (especially in an environment she is not use to) but also the other dog owners will relax. I will often make conversation with the other owners at this time and try to get a feel of their dogs behavior and introduce them to my pit. It helps when I bring my 7 year old daughter with me. People see her with my pit and sometimes their opinion changes! Only when she is completely calm and seems to just ignore the other dogs and when the other owners are comfortable, is when I remove her leash. I also bring a favorite toy or some treats to reinforce her behavior and as a distraction if I see the other dogs are getting rowdy. Although I have never seen aggressive behavior with my dog, I am fully aware of what she is capable of. Every 15 minutes or so of running and playing I will have her come and sit next to me for a minute. Once she is calm again, it's back to playtime. This isn't meant to be punishment or a timeout so she is rewarded with praise when she behaves. I live in one of the top five most dangerous cities in the US and pit bull fighting remains an issue. The ability to spread the knowledge in my area is rewarding. Where else can you go with your pit bull to show others how gentle, intelligent, and agile they are? Everyone knows my dog in my neighborhood so the knowledge would have stopped with them. Good luck to you, and I hope you know that this is a great activity for pits or any breed for the physical and mental challenges.

We just rescued a boxer pit mix so I am new and want to do the right thing from the start. He is 11 weeks old and is cute now but is already showing some strong behaviors. He barks at me when he wants what I have and back my other boxer up already. He is also chomping a bit with his mouth. Any suggestions on what to do when he barks directly at me and when he snaps?

Felicia, depending on the situation there are several things you can start doing. If you are playing with him...stand up and walk away, play stops immediately. You can place him a crate away from everyone until he calms. When u say he is chomping with his mouth. Are you referring to air bites? Some pitties do this. You have to become the leader of the pack. Always supervise dogs when together. Exercise, socialize. Did you do a two week shut down when you got your 2nd dog? Check out on multi dog homes, NFL as well as crate n rotate. Congrats on your new pup. Good Luck

Star616 you are an ideal pitbull owner. That is exactly how I raised my dog and why I know she's safe at a dog park. Good for you.

I am so happy that you have a pit bull and are such a wonderful advocate for the breed. I am also so thankful that you have created an ambassador for our cause!

Wow, If people are going to say APBT's aren't allowed in dog parks, then neither are Chow Chows, German Shepards, Dobermans, Rottweilers or Cocker Spaniels.

Since this post is titled Dog Park Drama, I'll share a few stories about my dog park experiences. Most of the time bad situations in dog parks are due to the owners fault, not the dogs.

I worked as a Animal Care Technician and a Euthanasia Technician for three years. I have fostered tons of dogs, and have extensive experience with pit bulls. So what I am saying is I am no dummy when it comes to dogs. There have been several times where I have witnessed fights at our local dog park, and this is for the people who are saying APBT's don't belong at dog parks.

The first one, a black lab got a little bit rough with a pointer mix, and it turned into a full fledged fight. There were three pits playing in the park at the time. All three of them ran back to their owners when the other two dogs started fighting.

Second, a CHIHUAHUA attacked a terrier mix. Once again, there were pits and pit mixes in the park. Most of them were scared to death of the situation.

Third, a Chow Chow latched on to a woman's arm when she stepped too close to it's owners baby.

My point here is that there will always be drama in dog parks, no matter what type of dogs are there. But making blanketed statements such as no APBT's is completely ignorant. And I am using "ignorant" in the true sense of the word. I.E. not knowing what you are talking about. Obviously if you have a dog that is dog aggressive, fence aggressive, unsocialized or has a history of abuse. It's probably not the best idea to be taking it to a dog park and letting it run loose. Whether it is a lab, husky, cocker spaniel or pitbull.

ok my post may get lost in all this good threads but the important thing to remmeber is that you shouldn't take your dog to the dog park to tire him/her out they should be tired when they get there. If more people did this there would be less problems in the dog park as well unless you know one hundred percent that you will never have a bite issue with you dog he should be on leash around other dogs

I'm new to this site an not a trainer nor an expert quite the opposite I cAme here to learn to train my pits and to get tips I've done alot of reading and research of these dogs and The dog park deal that was actually one of the first things I read not to do with a pit waste take a pit to a dog park no mAtter how well trained blah blah but I give you guys props for having such well behaved pit that can go there and have a good experience there that's awesome I wont ever take mine there for they need more training and as I probably need it more the. They do lol but I socialized mine at a young age but now they stay at home and just play with each other supervised of course but I take em for car rides and walks and things and I keep em away from strange dogs just so I don't have to worry about any issues thats my personal choice and I might get chastised for it and that's okay I'm a novice and Ionia it but I wanna learn more before go wondering into the dark as so do my dogs

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