Tue, 01/01/2008

We acquired Sasha through an owner-surrender in early November. Her mommy was very sad to see her go, but we were able to assure her that Sasha would be in very good hands. Sasha came from a home with other Pit Bulls, cats, and a toddler: she is a very well-rounded dog. Sasha loves to give slobbery kisses; she's a drool machine!

We've gotten the impression that Sasha had gotten used to being an only dog (she had been the only pet in her former home for about six months), so she and Murphy need to have supervised interaction until they're more acquainted. Sasha has a wonderful, laid back personality. Fetch is Sasha's favorite thing in the universe. Because her former mommy liked to feed her from the table, Sasha is a little bit chubby. Though she is far from obese, we've been playing fetch with Sasha every day for at least an hour to help her get back into shape.

We know it will take time for Sasha and Murphy to become the best friends we hope they'll be, but we are still so happy to have her as part of our family!

Posted by: murphy2010
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