Thu, 11/01/2007

My mom thinks I'm the best pit bull ever! I LOVE other dogs, my best friend is a cat, and I ADORE people (especially children)! I'm clicker trained, as obedient as a dog can be, and sometimes too smart for my own good. But I'm incredibly loving and my mom routinely warns her friends that I will lick them to death if given the chance.

My mommy and daddy adopted me in California before they were married. My mom says it was the best $100 she ever spent! I was the shyest puppy in the litter, but with some love and nurturing I quickly became super outgoing. Sometimes I get so excited when people come to the house that I forget I'm supposed to wait on my bed until they come greet me. :)

Mommy says I'm an ambassador for my breed. I've met many people who didn't like pit bulls but now they think we're great dogs. (That's why my mom and dad got me; to prove the stereotypes about my breed are wrong.) I'm a very misunderstood breed, because as with most things in life, a few bad ones ruin it for the rest. :(

But back to me! I love men. Of course my mom is my pack leader, but as soon as a guy enters the scene I instantly accept him as my Alpha (currently my mom's room mate). I'll do anything my mom asks of me, but if a guy I know gives me a command, sometimes I'll obey him first. I think sometimes it frustrates my mom.

I know she loves me unconditionally though. She calls me her baby, her best friend, and her world. She can't imagine her life without me, and I can't imagine mine without her...

Posted by: Armywife_Barrett
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Thu, 01/27/2011 - 3:09am

I love your description, and your sasha seems the couch pic!