Tue, 06/09/2009

This is Papi, He is a little over a year old full blooded american pitbull. He is a big baby, just like any socialized pit always wants to be around people. He gets along with other dogs and loves the dog park. In my house I also have a 2 year old german shepard/boxer mix who is his best friend. they both cry if they are not around each other. I got papi from a friend of a friend. their was 10 puppies to choose from so it was a very hard choice. one of the girls lil kid came out and up to the kennel, and he was the first to run up, so he was my pick. He is scared of almost everything like if there is a ribbon tied around a tree, he will lower down and try to run by it. He has gotten much better in the past year. I figured it was from him being in the kennel and not sociolized. for the first 3 months he sat in a kennel with the other puppies with only human contact once a day. he is very loving and very loyal. Like i said he is a big baby. very loving and caring and always wanting to be around people and animals

Posted by: nichoe82
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